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  1. An old Italeri kit, with rescribed panel lines. Almost OOB, just added US WWII pitot tube "Shark Fin" type from Master PBJ-1D Mitchell VMB-413 "Flying Nightmmares" Rabaul; June 1944
  2. Cessna OE-1 Birddog VMO-6, Phu-Bai, South Vietnam; 1968 AviModels 1/72
  3. Vougjt F4U-1D Corsair Capt. Donald C. Owen VMF-112 "Wolfpack", Task Force 58 USS Bennington, February 1945 Hasegawa 1/72 + 72453 True Details Vought F4U-1/1D Corsair cockpit set + 72085 Quickboost F4U-1D Corsair Engine + Pavla vacu canopy + 72-143 Starfighter Decals F4U Corsair Bent Wing Birds Part 1
  4. Bell AH-1W Super Cobra HMLA-369 Gunfighters; Saudii Arabia 1991; Operation Desert Storm Italeri 1/72 + Armycast AC 72028 Interior set + MASTER 72038 M197 GATLING GUN + Hi-Decal Line 72-014 Bell AH-1J/T/W Sea Cobra
  5. Recently, little time for gluing, and nothing interesting is happening. I finished the dashboard in the cockpit and I made Lansing gears. The canopy has already placed, and now I preparation for painting, i.e. correcting deficiencies.
  6. The fuselage is put togeather, putty, sanding and lines restored.
  7. Looking good, nice smooth coat. Could use gentle weathering.
  8. @Dutch Attack sold all forms to brengun, watch on they site http://www.brengun.cz/search?sq=C-130&x=0&y=0
  9. Work on the cockpit is completed, I also took care of completing the elements that I will put in the fuselage
  10. Slowly continues work on the cockpit and parts that will be placed in the hull. Unfortunately, the set disappointed me a bit. Fujimi was easy and their A-6A is really a set showing the A-6E but the decal for version A. As far as the hull is not a problem, because there the differences are not great and easy to correct, the problem begins in cockpit. The instrument panel is for modification, one of the TV sight system displays should be removed from the TRAM version. In addition, the set includes bad ejection seats. The GRU-7 set must be replaced with the GRU-5. I traced the Koramodels resin se
  11. Outstanding work.
  12. Giovanni Your work are awesome, but please tell me, what paint You use in nozzle?
  13. In Poland, where it is produced and offered to our services, we call it Biedahawk - Poorhawk. This is an economical, stripped down, civilian version compared to the UH-60M. Nevertheless, it has already been purchased by the Polish Police and by the Special Aviation Squadron supporting Polish special forces.
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