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  1. I thought of that but it isn't that simple. The starboard side wall also has the same problems but the misalignment is not the same distance as on the port side. The back wall will be skewed. Here is the starboard side. If the nose of the cockpit floor is aligned with the Italeri fuselage, the front edge of the Black Dog wall doesn't align with the edge of the cabin door. If I slide the wall back to align with the edge of the cabin door, the back edge of the wall doesn't align with the cabin door.
  2. Anyone experience a misalignment/shrinkage problem with the Black Dog 1/48 HH-60J resin interior set? I have three sets and all three sets have the same problem. This image shows the cockpit door is too small if you want it closed. You can only have the door in an opened position. The casting block was on the bottom of the door so the side was not cut too short by me. Next set of images show that if you align the notch in the Black Dog floor to the alignment pin on the Italeri fuselage, the front part of the cockpit fits flush into the nose but the port side wall doesn't line up with the window cutouts on the Italeri fuselage. According to the Black Dog instructions, the front of the wall should fit flush with the cockpit floor. If you slide the Black Dog wall back to align with the Italeri fuselage window cutouts and leave the Black Dog floor in place then there is a gap between the front of the wall and the cockpit floor and then the back wall won't fit in the slots provided. If you slide the Black Dog floor and side wall together back to align with the Italeri cutouts, the front cockpit nose section is now misaligned.
  3. Italeri 1/48 AB-212 ASW

    Disregard, missed the "ASW" part.
  4. How about some USN H-60's in 1/48

    Hope you are considering these USN H-60's. Here are a few more images of the tiger striped HSM-73 MH-60R.
  5. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    The USN H-60 cabins are definitely gray. They should be FS36231. Here are a couple USN MH-60S images.
  6. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    The cabin should be FS36231 Dark Gull Gray. The outside colors should be FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray, FS36375 Light Ghost Gray and FS36495 Light Gray. Cockpit I think is black.
  7. We need a 1/48 MH-60R

    The Olimp set isn't Aires or Eduard Brassin quality but it isn't too bad. Some parts are cast nicely with decent detail but some do have air holes. The port side pylon is a little odd. The way they designed it, the front of the pylon goes way too far over the front landing gear housing making the rear part of the pylon go too far forward as well. Olimp didn't give the other part of the port side pylon to fit the Hellfires or rocket launchers. I am using the pylons from the Italeri HH-60J kit though and the Italeri "J" kit gives the part of the pylon to fit the Hellfires. Olimp didn't give the new starboard side pylon that fits right in front of the cabin door, you only get the pylon adapter. The chaff/flare dispensers included are for the first production MH-60R's though and if you want to do a later one you would need to either scratch build the later type or get them from the Olimp MH-60S set. The MH-60R and MH-60S use the same FLIR which is different than the ones used on the SH-60B and HH-60H. Olimp got the shape correct but it looks a little too big though. Here are the different Olimp chaff/flare dispensers. The early type is on the right from the MH-60R set and the one on the left is from the MH-60S set. The one on the left is what the MH-60R's are using now as you can see in the photos from my original post.
  8. We need a 1/48 MH-60R

    We also need decals for HSM-70 Spartans.