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  1. Brandon, here are the minigun cradle mounts I am scratch building. The miniguns are from the Italeri UH-1N. Here are the Monogram M60's. I cut them off leaving just the mount part. The M134 will go on that part. Here is the M134 on the mount. Hope to get it to look like this.
  2. Very nice! Great job on that Huey.
  3. Nice! Looking forward to your build. I have a HAL-3 UH-1B and UH-1C planned as well.
  4. Thanks Ray and Lloyd! Greatly appreciated! Ray, I got two Hobby Boss 1/48 UH-1C kits shipped for $24 from one of the online hobby shops, I forgot which one though. It was a Christmas special and they only had the two left that I ordered. I tried to get more but they were sold out. I got two more from a friend though. I picked up those old Fujimi and Monogram UH-1B's real cheap too. The Fjuimi and Monogram UH-1B's are not 1/48, they are bigger than both the Hobby Boss UH-1C and Monogram Huey Hog kits. I would put them at about 1/46 scale. I have a ton of comparison photos of the Fujimi UH-1B and Monogram UH-1B. I also have a ton of comparison photos of them with the Hobby Boss UH-1C and Monogram Huey Hog kits. The Fujimi and Monogram UH-1B's are very similar and might be copies of each other. Thanks Brandon! Great you are doing a Hobby Boss kit as well. I will take a look at the group build. I barely get any builds done. I start them but then never finish them. I am stuck in a small room due to unfortunate circumstances and have barely any room to display my builds. I sold about 1/2 my stash so far and am trying to mostly build helicopters now as they are nice and thin and I can fit more on the tiny shelf space I have. Everyone is familiar with the Monogram/Revell Huey Hog and know that it is a mix of different versions and is not perfect. The Hobby Boss isn't perfect either. Where Monogram gave the 540 main rotors but the thin chord tail and horizontal stabs, Hobby Boss gave the wide chord tail and horizontal stabs but included the original thin main rotor blades. The easiest way to make a nicer UH-1C is to use the Monogram main rotors on the Hobby Boss kit. If you want more detail then the only other option is to do what I am doing by cutting the cabin doors off and adding the Monogram interior to the Hobby Boss kit. The Hobby Boss kit is pretty nice but lacking in the interior detail department and no weapons. It has some very fine and crisp engraved panel lines and the fit on mine is really good unlike on the Monogram/Revell where most of the parts are warped and require a lot of filling and sanding. Monogram molded two refuel door caps, one on the port side and one on the starboard side where there should only be one refuel door cap depending on the model type. Hobby Boss molded two vents on the doghouse where only one should be on the port side only. I cut the vent off and filled it in with sheet plastic. I just need to fill and sand flush now. In this photo below, you can see the two vents on the doghouse. In this photo, I cut out the vent and glued a piece of very thin sheet plastic on the back and filled in with more sheet plastic. I just need to fill with putty and sand flush. The fit of the Hobby Boss is quite good as I said earlier and you can see where the clear piece sits on the fuselage halves. I might not need to fill and sand the clear piece at all. To address the ejector pin holes on the bottom of the Monogram main rotors, I used a hole punch on some thin sheet plastic and filled in the holes. I am scratch building the Sagami mounts to add some weapons. Also scratch built the cradle mounts for the M134 miniguns. The ammo feed chute is from the Eduard UH-1N set. Also adding some Fireball Modelworks 3D printed rocket tubes. Two different types shown, later version loaded and earlier version unloaded.
  5. Thanks again! My original intent was to do UH-1B, 14040 "Have Gun Will Travel" from the Microscale decals but I would prefer to do an early C as in the photo below. I already have the specific squadron markings from the Microscale sheet but all I need now is the BuNo. The reason for not doing UH-1B 14040 "Have Gun Will Travel" is because I already plan to do a USN HAL-3 UH-1B so I wanted to have different UH-1 models. I have a few US ARMY UH-1C's with the particle filter separator planned from the Hobby Boss kits using the Monogram Huey Hog interior, main rotors and weapons. I like the look of the bell mouth intake and wanted to do the different versions like the original UH-1B, the early UH-1C and the UH-1E. Here is the progress on my Hobby Boss UH-1C using the Monogram Huey Hog parts. Lots of cutting and grinding to get the Monogram parts to fit inside the Hobby Boss kit but it works. I cut the Hobby Boss doors off as they are molded shut. Everything is taped on for test fitting. I am cutting the ammo canisters off the Monogram floor and attaching it to the Hobby Boss floor as the Monogram floor is a bit shorter than the Hobby Boss floor.
  6. Thank you all for the great information and history of the UH-1B/C. I knew some of that info already and it is nice to have the full information on the history of the UH-1B/C. Greatly appreciated! Mostly, the reason I was asking specifically about 14040 "Have Gun Will Travel" is because I have a very old Miocroscale decal sheet with it and also because I found a photo Ray posted on Finescale showing an early UH-1C with the bell mouth intake, wide chord tail and 540 rotors from the same squadron as "Have Gun Will Travel" and was wondering if it was either upgraded to the C standards or was eventually switched to the early UH-1C as shown in the photo. Here is the photo Ray posted to Finescale. Does anyone have BuNo's for the early C's with the bell mouth intake, wide chord tail and 540 rotors for this same squadron? I have the Microscale sheet 48-146 with the 14040 "Have Gun Will Travel" markings and was planning to use them but can switch the BuNo to make an early C instead of a standard B. I have a couple of the old Fujimi UH-1B's and a couple of the Monogram UH-1B kits. I am planning to kit bash them with the Monogram/Revell Huey Hog kits and Cobra Company UH-1C upgrade sets. I will be cutting the bell mouth intakes off the Fujimi and Monogram UH-1B kits and add them to the Monogram/Revell Huey Hog kits and use the Cobra Company tails. I was also planning on using the Hobby Boss UH-1C as well and already started a kit bash with the Hobby Boss kit dry fitting the bell mouth intake to it. I already plan to do a standard UH-1B in HAL-3 markings so I wanted to do the US ARMY UH-1B either with the upgraded wide chord tail or an early UH-1C. I also plan to do a USMC UH-1E with the bell mouth intake and wide chord tail. Here is my Hobby Boss UH-1C with the Fujimi bell mouth intake taped on for test fitting. The Hobby Boss kit has the wide chord tail but the original thinner main rotors. I will be using the Huey Hog 540 main rotors on the Hobby Boss kit to do my early UH-1C and UH-1E. These are the old Fujimi and Monogram UH-1B kits I have and will be cutting the bell mouth intakes from.
  7. Does anyone know if this particular UH-1B, 14040, 1st Air Cav Div, Vietnam, 1966, 'Have Gun Will Travel' has the wide chord tail and 540 rotors or does it have the original tail and rotors? Link to the Revell 1/24 kit with the same decal markings. The Revell kit has the original thin chord tail but was wondering if the real UH-1B had the new upgraded wide chord tail and 540 rotors? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. Thank you! Any parts you have will be greatly appreciated. No rush, I can wait.
  9. Here is a link to a Vietnamese page that has some VNAF UH-1 decals sized for the Italeri 1/48 UH-1D. You only need to find someone that can print them for you.
  10. You don't always have to have one open and one closed. Here are a couple examples of both open. Here is one with the left closed and right open. Here is one with the left open and right closed.
  11. Here is an MH-60R from HSM-73 in lo-vis tiger camo for consideration. Tail art is pretty cool! Link to the USN page. This is the only photo I have found so far. Still looking for more.