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  1. If you missed the harrier deal they still have it at the mystery price for a short while, just do a search for that kit. They usally do it with most of the mystery deal items.
  2. I think Contrail Vacs. (Sutcliffe) did a 1/48 Hudson many years ago, If you found a kit of that around somewhere. Mine is packed away in the garage to be able to tell. Experts on this subject will know more.
  3. I was vending at a swapmeet once and the gentlemen next to me who was selling kits (a veteren who was in a wheelchair) and he got talking that these kits were all donated to veterens and that he picked out the good ones and were selling them for himself. He does build, but the idea of selling donated kits that was meant for veterens to enjoy is just wrong. End of day he sold them all to another vendor. I may be the bad guy for posting this but it just ****** me off as I have donated to this cause before that.
  4. Jennings, Airmail Classics 1/200 Do you go as "Model Dad" on Hyperscale? I know there was only 2 made of the real airplane. I do not think I said anything about the real airplanes was talking about the 1/200 scale model versions What I was saying was that the model company who made the 1/200 wooden display models only made 20-30 each of the An-225 and the An-22 for worldwide sales. I am very proud of the fact that I got the An-22 as they are sold out of the display model of the An-22. And I am sure the rest are not to far behind in being sold out. I think my next purchase will be of the Ekr
  5. I thought it was AModel that was doing it. Have to look at the cataloge they sent me tp be for sure. I picked up a 1/200 Airmail Classic handmade wood An-225 last week. It is really nice looking plane, short run, they made about 30 of them total. Also there An-22. Buddy picked up there 1/200 Tradewinds (10 total made) and a An-124, IL=86, An-22, An-225. They all look good.
  6. Is that the AModel 1/72 Spruce Goose with the peice of crap so called vacuform kit engines with there resin cowls being grafted onto the AModel wings? I have the AModel Goose built all left is the cowl flaps (which I think they over engineered the nacelles and cowls anyway) and then ready for paint. I thought about trying the resin engine fronts to see if they would work on the AModel kit. I have another one to build and really do not want to build 8 engines and nacelles with all them tiny parts. Was just woundering Randy
  7. From Squadron; 6) of the 1/48 FJ-4B Fury with bull pups @ $5.00 each these are loaded with alot of resin and nice decals 1) 1/32 Bf-109G-4 JG27.52.53 Eadle Editions decals 1) 1/32 F4F Grand Phonix cockpit set 5) 1/32 Bf-109E Grand Phionex cockpit set 1) 1/48 Bf-109G/6,14 Aeromaster upgrade 1 each of 1/32 Eagle Strike Rammjagers parts 1,2,3 1) 1/32Ausbergs Flyers pt.1 1 each of 1/48 109E and 190F scribing templete and the wounderful .99 cent insurance
  8. K&L Productions years ago produced that set plus the 109Z and a few others and ended up selling the masters to Cutting Edge. K&L had machine gun(s) and vacuformed front nose glazing(s) in his kit when it was issiued, does CE have those parts in there? Have to dig mine out to see how many guns and such, if I can find it baried in all the boxes as I am in the middle of moving my shop around. Kinda of funny that Kenny who mastered the kit is from Peoria Illinois and he sold the masters to CE which I think Dave is from Peoria also (if I remember right Dave owned Peoria Camera when he liv
  9. I was checking out "Squadrons Savings" The link at top of there web page that is green background with a gold coin looking thingy, welll anyway they got some good deals on there if you look. FJ4B Fury w/Bullpup Missiles 1/48 Grand Phoenix for a cheap price of $5.00 and the other Fury is $20.00. One of the deals few Aeromaster detail sets cheap Grand Phoenix Prod. 1/32 cockpit set for a 109E for only $5.00. You just have to look and see the deals they got. See Ya, Randy
  10. Well crap I went and did it also, I ordered the DC-10 and also the KLM DC-8 had to they both look oh so pretty. I have alot of the older kits that was produced years ago I think the DC-8 is in CP Air....... Is there anyway we can get the upgrades for the older kits???? Thanks, Randy
  11. Julien, Try these two sites. Neptune Site Other site here. Scroll down a bit on the page to get to the photo links. After you enter the site. Hope this helps out somehow Randy
  12. Many Thank You's to the Guys at Phillips Hobbies and everyone else who was involved!!! What a great prize. Email with adress was sent. Thanks Again, Randy Smith
  13. I am in on this one, will be doing a C-47 w/ Culver Q-14. Both were used for test trails for further research for the purpose to couple the B-29 and two F-84's. MORE INFO HERE Soon as the painting is done here in the house I will start building again.
  14. Here is my entery C-17 white over grey and artic colors.
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