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  1. Is the box art plane gray or aluminum? It looks silver on the side profiles, but gray on the box top
  2. I believe Kittyhawk confirmed that they're back to work on the F-11F Tiger kits, they must have found another importer that thought it'd make them money
  3. That's distressing to hear. I've been reading through this build (http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=59318&page=1) and he didn't report really any issues with you. Can you describe what problems you've been having with the Kingfisher? I'm looking forward to getting one
  4. Yeah, good luck with that. You realize us nerds on the forums are probably >5% of the total model buying population? You can have the opinion of your boycott working, but you see the people on here publicly stating they'll never support X company, only for them to keep chugging on and producing kits.
  5. If you would like a hi-tech Mig-15 kit, HpH has a beautiful one on the market. Probably the ultimate kit of the -15, and definitely worth the purchase.
  6. You may want to check your post again, you didn't actually quote anyone. It's just a post that followed mine. I never said pointing out factual information is mud-slinging. I don't know why you make that kind of leap. But you know there is a strong difference between someone pointing out factual problems with a kit, and claiming that aircraft restorers are wrong, or drawing red lines all over pictures, or claiming that kit manufacturers only want to put out mediocre kits is. It's great when adults discuss pros and cons, but you would be deluding yourself if you think that's how all forums
  7. Model contest a couple of weeks ago. A hobby store had a table set up, and had huge stacks of all three new Airfix kits, and at those prices. For those prices, I couldn't say no. They just jumped up and followed me home Airfix prices though are seriously second to none. I have no idea how they charge what they do, but it's fabulous. That quality for the kind of price they charge, huge recipe for success.
  8. I don't know how they do it, but I love it. I just bought their brand new Hurricane for $15, and their Spitfire I for $17. Never thought I could get deals like that for a brand new kit, but Airfix delivers.
  9. Where did I say that anyone has their knickers in a twist? You always seem to fly right in to defend people tearing down future kits, but I did say anything about it. I did say that people coming in to sling-mud or bring nothing by negativity are prevalent in all forums, and do come in here as well. Or you get people claiming that professional aircraft restorers don't know what they're doing, because the red lines don't match up!
  10. Ordered an X-wing, Y-Wing, and Tie Advanced off Amazon. Super easy process, nice and cheap, and all three kits were available through Amazon Prime. Free shipping, and I got the big box a day after it shipped out. Really happy to get them, they're beautiful kits. Really like the press-fit/glue-fit design of the kits.
  11. Very true, shouldn't have generalized all forums that way. I too belong to some forums where it's all about the fun of building, and people help each other out. That's where I spend most of my time, some of the other forums just get a toxic atmosphere with the sniping and negativity. ARC is certainly a great place for info, that's why I come here as often as I do, but there are certainly some that seem to show up to antagonize.
  12. Also par for the course on pretty much every modeling forum, including this one. You can find those same discussions here, and in the other discussion forums. And love the use of ChiCom/ChiKom. That sweet, sweet xenophobia.
  13. Because we're still waiting for a two-seat F-16, early Spitfires, and other versions of the Mustang. Tamiya's release schedule is strange, and doesn't always follow the method you think it will. So we have no idea if or when they'll ever do a bomber variant. And to do a photo-recon Mossie would require a ton of new tooling. Would be akin to Tamiya doing a P-51B from their first Mustang kit.
  14. What exactly is wrong about everything in front of the main spar? Not being snarky, I actually want to know in order to make an informed decision about the kit. And please don't just say, "If your eye is good you can see it." Mine usually isn't to shape problems. So I'd really like to know what's wrong with it, and if it's possible to fix it.
  15. Super Silver is a Gunze color code, pretty much whatever silver color you want to use. Probably Alclad. Doesn't sound like any major issues with this one. The issues with the decals might just be an excuse to paint everything on, no need to worry about carrier film that way. I think they probably took this approach because carrier film can be hard to hide on an NMF build, so they went with minimal film to make life easier in the long run.
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