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  1. Hi Ray, the decals came from Scale Aircraft Modeling back in the day when Mr Hall had free decal sheets in the magazine, circa 1980's. This one came in an issue featuring the Falkland conflict. Although the Sea King AEW came to late to participate in the campaign, the roundels etc were the same. I used Tamiya XF-50 Field Blue for the color and the numbers all but disappeared. Thanks you for looking and cheers.
  2. This is the Fujimi Sea King made over to the AEW version for the Alan W Hall GB over on UAMF. The mission was to build a model using a conversion designed by Mr Hall beforew the days of resin etc. Basically using Balsa and talc. The build article is here----http://gregers.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=8860. Cheers everyone.
  3. Based on the information found on this thread, I ordered the lozenge decals from Microsculpt. They arrived in around 4 days. Excellent product and thanks everyone for the info.
  4. Sorry everyone. They are 1/72 scale. I normally build 1/48. Ivan, the pilot is indeed the Airfix mold wich came in the kit. The sculpting seem to nice not to use.
  5. Airfix Harrier GR5 Airfix Chipmunk Matchbox/Revell/PM Sea Fury T.20 ESCI/Ertl Eurofighter Thanks for looking and cheers everyone
  6. Jeff S


    Pictures don't do it justice Pete. Having seen it up close and personal, A very nice build.
  7. Here is my Monogram Wright Flyer. Not perfect but easy enough to have one in the collection.
  8. Along with the Thud, I notice a Mig17. I hope they did something nice with that one.
  9. Nice shots. All I can say is right click save!
  10. Thanks Gregg, I see now why there are color specs, and then weathering of the colors including patchwork repair spots etc. Thanks for the reply
  11. thanks guys. Guess Monogram got it right after all. The pictures I've seen seem darker but that could be weathering.
  12. Can anyone share the color call outs for the OA-4M? Monogram callouts appear suspicious based on a few pictures I've seen.
  13. Jeff S

    DHC-3 Otter

    Mac I don't know if this will help you but the US Army Otters interiors were overall dark gull gray including the seats. Unlike us rotor heads, the pilot wore a chute and sat on a seat pad. Jeff
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