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  1. Great! Small, but great! May I point out a missing feature...? The transmission between the engines and the doghouse/main rotor... HAJO
  2. I´m feeling a bit cold now after looking at your Fulcrum-diorama... 😉 HAJO
  3. You gotta love those aircraft that have been turned into electric porcupines with antennae all over them! HAJO
  4. Wow, historic model kits! Looking forward to your builds! HAJO
  5. No, I scratched all parts except the canopy. HAJO
  6. Looking forward to see another OP-2E! I built one a couple of years ago. HAJO
  7. Sarathi, GW, thanks a lot for your help, that was very useful! HAJO
  8. Yeah, your ground pounder F-14 is cool! I have the idea of doing a "what-if" with exactly that bombload from above, and was wondering if I just glue them to the Phoenix rails or have some sort of Bomb Rack Unit between. HAJO
  9. Yeah, I´ll have to check with someone who flies DCS... I´m still on FSX. 😉 HAJO
  10. I know the following picture is a test load-out with dummies, but does anyone have any intel what kind of ejector racks they were usung? Looks like TERs...? HAJO
  11. Have you checked the Revell Modern Pilots set? http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=2184 I use those all the times to populate my cockpits. HAJO
  12. Jim Rotramel also made a quite interesting homepage with F-111 details: http://www.f-111.net/models/Jim-Rotramel.htm HAJO
  13. I have a couple of 1/72 equipment sets like tent rolls, backs, rucksacks, rifles, radios and other stuff. I´m pretty happy with them, but some small items like rifles have been damaged in their box. HAJO
  14. Very nice, I also like the idea with the stand! HAJO
  15. Good thing, but I can´t see any pictures...? HAJO
  16. Very nice! Sorry to divert a little bit, but what´s the story about the grey-grey-camoflaged F-18? HAJO
  17. Oh my god! I´d never dare to fly this; I would always fear something (or the whole thing!) would break! Outstanding work! HAJO
  18. I´m sure I have to start with a german language session before I continue here. You probably asked already "what is a Bedenkentraeger?". Well, the german word for "Aircraft Carrier" is "Flugzeugtraeger", from the two words "Flugzeug" (aircraft) and "Traeger" (Carrier). So, a "Bedenkentraeger" is a carrier of concern ("Bedenken" - concern, doubt, resvervations). And, now to the lesson of german foreign policy (very short version): After we have been quite "successful" in shaping the international system some decades ago (wasn´t there something about a War that finally came to an end 75 years ago...?) the german foreign policy has always been more reluctant since then. In fact, after we have been the undisputed masters of (world) war, we became masters of peace, and pacifism is our mantra. However, at least after our re-unification at the beginning of the 1990ies, the international community expected us to step forward and take over more responsibilty, which we did - not always, usually never in the quantity and quality we have been asked to, but we did. But we still struggle every time when there is an international "call to arms". And that is when the following caricature was published (in this specific case it was during the 2019 Iran crisis, but it does fit for a lot of other situations): https://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/Tr%C3%A4ger_340772 For copyright-reason I only post the link, the caption says: "Oh great! The Germans are sending a 'Bedenkentraeger'!" Since I do personally believe that we should take over more international responsibility, and contribute also with our military, instead of just raising concerns and finger-point on others, I laughed a lot when I saw that caricature and the idea was born to make a model of it. Nations gain international power with their diplomacy, but more over with their military might. Each nation has different means to make their voice heard in the international concert. France has their nuclear "force de frappe", Great Britain is still relying on their former position as colonial world power and their language as "Lingua franca", and the USA have their "90.000 tons of diplomacy", represented by their aircraft carriers. But now we Germans can join this exclusive club, we don´t have aircraft carriers, we have the Bedenkentraeger! Our Bedenkentrager is a sharp and clear sign of our moral and simply better approach to all challenges of our world. His main weapon system is the index finger. Raised to a vertical position it performs the function of the (eternal) admonishing and doubting and reminds everyone, that there are always other (peaceful) solutions, that many aspects have not been considered yet, that it´s still necessary to have another meeting... In horizontal position the index finger can be used as an indicative, accusing symbol, although this utter offensive means have never been used in anger. With such a powerful main weapon system such primitive and conventional things like combat aircraft are not needed on board the Bedenkentrager - it would have been a complete waste of money anyway. In principal it is possible for the Bedenkentraeger to serve as support unit for international partners and cooperations, as you can recognize at the angled-landing deck. Partner aircraft could be re-fueled and re-armed here. But the identification code at the runway threshold is a telling sign, since we all know the meaning of "Foxtrott Uniform" (in case you don´t: "F*** You!"), and therefor most partners have lost any interest in getting a negative response to their requests by the Bedenkentraeger... 😄 Well, if you´re into ships, you probably recognized the french "Clemenceau" that I have been using here. I used a sheet of styrofoam for the water, cutting in an opening for the hull. After test-fitting I painted the water, using a brighter black, and added some lighter touches with grey on the still drying black color. With bright blue I highlighted the water directly around the hull and the rear. With Acryllic Gel I modelled some bow waves and also smoothed the profil of the styrofoam, which I think was intended to be used as ceiling isolation. The Acryllic Gel always looks "white" when applied, but when dry is clear and hard. With a brush I drybrushed white spray and foam for the waves, along the hull and the rear. Finally I added three coats of clear coat to make it look "wet" and "deep". HAJO
  19. Here is a quite lenthy, but IIRC informative WIP of Chico the Gunfighter: HAJO
  20. Wunderbar! Great idea! HAJO
  21. Hajo L.


    What´s the story behind all those camels on the kill-marks? HAJO
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