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  1. Have had calls from all sorts over the years claiming to be my bank or energy/ satellite tv suppliers wanting to confirm details and whatnot and I always say the same thing, if you're from the company you claim to be you'll have those details already, and if its that important you can write to me. Its just so easy for the lowlives to get your details nowadays. Been the victim of people fraudulently using my details a few times now so its very much a case of once bitten unless I'm dealing face to face with such people.
  2. Cant believe it, they were talking to the guy during the warm up lap. Watching it live here in the UK.
  3. I liked the 3rd one, had forgotten about it until you mentioned it though, it was jut about at the limits of what my old brick of a PC could handle, I liked the if you didnt perform in time the Nazis won element. Well since you have all 3 and are in Ottawa and I cant be sure of finding mine, I'd say you're the guy to deal with.
  4. Ok, I've got a good idea of where they'll be if they havent gone the way of a charity shop, will have a look over the weekend, cant vouch for having the instruction booklets though I'm sure the key commands and whatnot can easily be found online.
  5. I'm fairly sure I have the ETO and Pacific versions at my parents house, no good to me anymore, if they're still knocking about you're free to have them. I'll be going back this weekend so can check if you want.
  6. Thought it was something along those lines. Thanks.
  7. Picked this kit up for £50 yesterday just wondering if anyone has built it and what the decals are like, any problems with them. And if I remember right, there's problems with the Aires exhausts?
  8. Been thinking about making the move myself, I can just about scrape in on a professional visa because of my job, provided I have a solid job offer first. Do have some family in BC so I'd probably gravitate towards that part of the world.
  9. No worries, I'm aware its a scam, just wondering if anyone else got such a message. Besides, after my Nigerian General friend made me super rich last year I dont need the Benin money......
  10. Waiting for me in my message box here Good Day. I am Mr Jorge Calderon, Auditing and Account Manager in BSIC BANK Cotonou, Benin Republic. I discovered the sum of fifteen million, five hundred thousand united state dollars ($15.5 Million USD) belonging to a deceased customer of this bank the fund has been lying in a suspense account without anybody coming to put claim over the money since the account owner late, Mr Salla Khat from Lebanese (a contractor with the government of Benin) his wife and their two kids (daughters) were involved in the December 28th 2006 Benin car crash along the ever
  11. Looking forward to the 1/48 Lightning.
  12. Haven't read the whole thread but just noticed the mention of snow tyres above, was one the phone with my insurance people because my policy is up in the New Year and the mention of snow tyres came up, if you fit them some insurance companies see them as a modification and wont pay out if you haven't declared them and need to claim so just a heads up. We had about half a foot here last night but luckily I have 2 days off so didn't need to battle it into work for a change.
  13. Paypal froze the money in a holding account when I sold a Canon lens on ebay last year, if memory serves t was held for 180 days or until the buyer posted positive feedback on my ebay account.
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