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  1. Superb pilot and Airplane. It looks awesome like a real A4 Skyhawk. I used to see ones like that at and Miramar when I used to live near there as a kid. Thanks
  2. I used to live near Miramar when the-14s were operational there. This Tomcat looks really good and it looks just like the ones were flying that I used to look at. Thanks
  3. The details impressive I like the Workhorse effect of your Crusader ,thanks
  4. I recently read somewhere that the accuracy of the Italeri kit is in question. what do you think about this statement? Has improper fuselage length forward of the wing!?
  5. Sorry. It's a question about the engraved details of the kit.
  6. Excellent look and resolution
  7. Thanks guys I will be doing some more studying on those F100 kits to see which one I can pull out and build that's proper. Thanks
  8. Do F-100 models come in great detail as ESCI did in the past or are they trying to play catch-up with those Trumpeter models seem to be doing. I remember the old Super Sabre from the Hasegawa line . Engraving occurring only in the articulating surfaces of the original jet. Still have to correct improper detail and sizes I believe. I look at the F-100 jets of Tamiya, Hasegawa , ESCI, Trumpeter and herd that ESCI was copied by Tamiya, which was copied from ITALERI, or some way or other. Please set me straight on this perceived topic.
  9. The sabres details have been considered less the engraved detail. What say you? ugh
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