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  1. If i may ask: what did you use for those isolation blankets and fasteners?
  2. You`re nuts, simply nuts 😉 In a good way of course. Light is so magical in models, its an outstanding work!
  3. nnkk

    F-14A Late

    Thank you Gents!
  4. nnkk

    F-14A Late

    Thank you all for your kind comments! Yes, only on places like the landing gear doors and the fold out steps and some panels that made sense, but no wash over it all or every panel line. It can make sense, but mostly it makes models look unnatural imho.
  5. nnkk

    F-14A Late

    Grumman Just kidding, Tamiya 1/48
  6. nnkk

    F-14A Late

    The cockpit wasn`t meant to be displayed with a closed canopy by Eduard, had to sand both the resin stuff and the canopy inside to get in in there. The pilots needed hot water and some surgery, but in the end i`m relatively happy.
  7. Dear Modellers I finally managed to get this shake and bake kit together. Was a loong shaking period, thats for sure. Tamiya Kit in 1/48 scale. Eduard Cockpit inside with Quinta Decals, Reedoak Pilots, KA and Reskit exhaust mix. Nose cam and probes aftermarket, Eduard Missiles Models. Tamiya and Gunze acrylic colours and a lot of oils on top of it. No washing worth mentioning Enjoy Oh, it isn`t dead on accurate, but i don`t care (edit: anymore) I just wanted a grimey, grey Tomcat with the Skull n Bones-Scheme, since my wish for a Tomcat model
  8. Hi since i want to build the same model (one and one only) i came to the same solution. I`ve seen it done by someone else before, can`t find it at the time. Looked at alot of paper and found Papyrus Linen here in Europe to be an adequate match..looks better in person imho. The problem will be the seams around them (maybe white glue or putty and modelling in the wrinkles?) btw: one hell of a task, your project. Homers parts alone are quite tricky to clean and paint, not to mention to fit them into the monogram or revell models... Good luck! :)
  9. Great start! I can second the reinforcement comment above! Used glass fibre 2k putty alongside with big styrene patches..solid and heavy as a brick now :) Homers parts are beautiful! The thrusters are too small imho, but the flight deck etc. is gorgeous!
  10. I used to clean my airbrush like some do with their rifles and such...more cleaning than shooting. With acrylics just blowing a load of isopropanol alcohol through it and leave a little bit in it. With harsher stuff: take it apart, remove the rubber sealings and clean it otherwise you will regret it.
  11. Ryan Hasegawa made/makes them: https://www.super-hobby.de/products/Grumman-F-14A-Tomcat-1720940.html You could ask the Importer for a replacement sheet? http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/distributors/stevens-international/ I have one, but it has yellowed and tiny cracks in many smaller places. I also have the furball one, but thats for a machine of 1990 and not as colorful as the Hasegawa sheet. Kind regards Nicolas
  12. I received all those parts via Shapeways and your work is stunning! Simply stunning!
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