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  1. I found the right post. I would like to see this decal sheet made, I would build the 319th in ADC grey .
  2. I would really like if you could make the F-104 319 FIS they where in ADC grey and where stationed here during the cuban missile crisis here at Homestead AB. The other I just bought your cd72065 U-2 sheet for my next build is it offerded in 1/48?
  3. If you don't mind using spray cans, you can use automotive paints and testors gloss brown is close. (little square bottles)
  4. Dutch. many thanks. My latest pics seams...
  5. Very sharp need to do some shopping..
  6. I have a few . I like them although the 777 wings are thin and have some warping it’s a roll of the dice . My 1st kit was FUBR it’s now for spares. The 737 family kits are nice.
  7. Modelfan1. at the airbus office lobby in Miami they have all their model aircraft on display, I guess they are vacuform kits some are as large as 1/48 scale. nice paint but no fine details. Trojan Thunder. Thank you no I'm using ANA starwars BB-8 livery. I test fitted the big engines and started the weathering on them.
  8. Just some thing I was messing with after some air travel.. This kit is huge for a 1/144 scale, more to follow.
  9. The Roden Bristol Britannia in 1/144 in Cubana de Aviacion colors from 1958. Thanks for watching and your comments.
  10. Hobby Craft T-33 in 1/48. Florida Air National Guard. CD48016.
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