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  1. We are arguing an impossible theoretical situation like a "perfect" game of Chess where White must always win. Assuming that the Russians are more willing to concede heavy casualties that the Western powers would (for various political and social reasons) find unacceptable then they must win any conventional confrontation. However I don't believe that ANY of the other Warsaw Pact nations would have made for reliable partners in an offensive war. For that matter I don't think the Russians would seriously undertake that campaign. That leaves the whole range of different Nuclear weapons. You C
  2. When I was in my late teens I got Tamiya's old 1/35 scale 88mm Flak 36 kit. Some years later I acquired the Tamiya Sdkfz.7 Halftrack on e-bay. Two kits that I knew could look excellent once finished and sat on a shelf together for others to admire. I'm now forty one so more than twenty years have passed and the kits are still unfinished and collecting dust despite several false starts! As long as I have made no major mistake that would "ruin" the kit(s) then they remain a work-in-progress. All it needs is time + effort and the end result will be a completed kit. If you have spent mone
  3. A basic toolbox Strap-wrench. Keep the threads on the jar and lids wiped clean before tightening and in the rare event of finding one seized I find a Strap-wrench does the trick. If it doesn't then that lid must be seriously over-tightened/gummed up to start with. I don't see the point of spending out on a brand specific "Jar opener" and you risk shattering the glass jar if you start to use things like vices etc. In my experience ...stay well clear of heat or vices or pliers where glass jars and paint are involoved. You wouldn't likely resort to it at work so DON'T do it at home. Many modell
  4. I've already been on to the Hannants' website to see if I can pre-order one! (can't yet). See the cockpit blower intake is moulded directly as part of the left fuselage part. Does this mean that Airfix intend this mould as purely a MK. XIX kit and nothing else? The trend for recent Airfix Spitfire kits has been to provide common parts for various marks. A standard fighter version of a XIVc or XIVe (early) might not be straightforward using this kit as a base for further releases? Still, looks nice. Might make for an attractive Spitfire kit in this scale. Goodness knows the Academy MK. XIV i
  5. I have normally used a can of acrylic primer in a rattle-can for priming model kits in the past. Most brands seem to offer reasonable value for money and good coverage but... ...the spray from such cans is very indiscriminate and really seems to require outdoor or a dedicated spray booth or garage area etc, etc. Can models be adequately primed using an airbrush and a suitably thinned airbrush primer?
  6. Cheers, at least my search may have a happy ending. I was a bit put off by Phoenix's postage costs but then I saw they sell empty tinlets too! So I ordered a number of them plus their Extra Dark Sea Green & Extra Dark Sea Grey ...thanks. ...and the PRU Mauve I shall have fun creating myself ...how difficult can it be?!
  7. They appear to be discontinued and no longer readily available. I was on a quest to obtain Extra Dark Sea Green and PRU Mauve and after the excitement of finding them as a JPS color ...all the links seem to be a dead end.
  8. So I purchased the Airwaves M10 rochet kit but then was surprised to find it only contains the weapon itself and no mounting pylon of any kind. I was planning to build a Spitfire fitted with the American M10 rockets as a sensible what-if but what would a realistic mounting involve? The couple of photos of the actual experiment show pylon and wire mounting ...but do I create my own or is it worth obtaining a cheap, say, P-47 kit to steal the rocket mounts from that?
  9. I'm afraid the attraction of the modern jets is wasted on me ...maybe I've seen them too many times! I patiently await the arrival of the vintage types for the public days, but: It is "practice" week for the Farnborough Airshow (brought forward earlier this year because of the Olympics) and I have seen Eurofighter, Saab Gripen, F-16 and F-18 plus others including the Airbus A-380 (right over my head!) But late yesterday afternoon I was surprised to see an F-15 in the air. It must be a late version being offered for sale. Very dark Grey/Green it must be an F-15E Strike Eagle? I will try and
  10. Grew up in the 1970's very close to the Farnborough Airfield (Home of British Aviation & site of the Airshow). Was still a Ministry of Defence research establishment back then so got to see what felt like all and everything from a young age. The Viggen at the 70's Airshows is possibly my greatest aviation memory from my formative years ...just the unique shape and sound. Vulcans in anti-flash white I was lucky to see on ocassion (can still remember one of my earliest memories being the everyday sight from my bedroom window of a Vulcan, De Havilland Comet and a Boeing 737 (???) that the ai
  11. I'd be interested to see this Aircraft modelled and wondered if any of our members would be prompted to do so now? Revell do a 1/32 RF-4E though the only aftermarket decals I think are for a Turkish F-4E. I'll go and look through the gallery but I'll be surprised if anyone has felt motivated to model a Turkish RF-4E in the past.
  12. digglyda

    Spitfire Va

    Like a fool I obtained two 1/48 Airfix Spitfire Va's as they were available nice and cheap. The kit comes with just the one decal option for Douglas Baders personal aircraft. Most Spitfires can be modelled in a number of "interesting" appearances but the Va seems to be the exception? They only built about 100 and all seem to have been completed for RAF use in early 1941 in Dark Green/Dark Earth/Sky. A search for images results in endless pictures of Baders aircraft and not much else. Any suggestions for completing this kit as something "special"?
  13. Making a Spitfire Vb night-fighter. Best option is a 111 Squadron example ... JU * ? The Haseqawa kit is long since discontinued and not available anywhere at any price. Victory Productions did a Decal sheet but that's no longer available. Xtradecal do a 111 Squadron sheet but it would be a waste when all I really need is a few letters (that I don't have in spares). Does anywhere/anyone sell made to order Decal Squadron code letters? even a one-off small order like this? :huh:
  14. Great! ..just reminded me why we all love this hobby I guess? I had the KP kit as a kid in the late 70's / early 80's but mine looked nothing like this I have nothing but 1/48 Spitfires in my stash but seeing this made me want to make a KP 1/72 Mig-19 ...went to check on e-bay and the only one I could see was for £25.00 plus P&P! Best stick to admiring other peoples work
  15. digglyda

    Irish Seafires?

    So the Irish purchased a dozen Seafire MK III's and had them stripped of all Naval equipment? This basically reverts them to Spitfire MK Vc standard. The camouflage and markings of the Irish Seafires make them an attractive subject to re-create ...but where do I begin? (in 1/48) What is the best kit to use as a starting point? I had my eye on a Special Hobby Seafire MK III but would this be a misuse of potential? What exactly should a De-Navalised Seafire look like? Can you still see any evidence of the removed features or what? As so often with the History of the Spitfire, little seems stra
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