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  1. Thank you, yes, I am well aware of that, but you may recall, my post concern/question was price (listed @ over $40.00) which is totally unbrealistic. Hence that is what I am looking for a substitute product. Cheers Adam
  2. Not sure if you are familiar with the Avia Equipage line of resin hubs/rubber wheels, but after using them, they can look very good. From now on, I always reference if there is an equivalent - if only for accuracy sake vs resin. My experience is that they sit well with the aircraft weight and create an appropriate bulge. Anyway, I am still on the hunt for some for a P-61. Cheers Adam
  3. Hi all. I am wanting to buy some rubber wheels/resin hubs for a P-61 in 1/72. Having used the Avia Equipage products before, (I found them to be excellent)... However - the only ones I know of are the EQU-72114 1/72 P-61A/B Black Widow wheel set, which retails for, ..wait for it...$40.37USD. WOW! http://www.aviapress.com/viewonekit.htm?EQU-72114 Questions: Can anyone suggest an alternate rubber wheel/resin hub set out there at all? Or another type of aircraft that I could substitute the wheels for that would be $20 or less. Thank you in advance. Adam
  4. Keep it posted. I was fondling my Hasegawa F-4J last night and even broke out my SAMI "Foreign Users Volume III" book. Good luck on the build. Cheers Adam
  5. Great water effect. A skill seldom ever realistically mastered, and you have done it well. Congratulations on making history look very much alive. Was this the Quang Tri - 1972 258th ARVN Marine Brigade "The Divine Hawks" vs. 101st Regiment? I could almost reach for the mike on the PRC-25.. wow. Adam
  6. Hill Country Hobby is a hidden gem, and highly recommended. http://www.hillcountryhobby.com/ Gary is excellent to deal with. They have pretty much everything you need, in a true modeling atmosphere. Adam
  7. Hi - nice to see an Ali-Cat underway! A couple of things for you: 1:Good Luck with the Hi-Decal sheets. My experience with that product in 1/72 has been less than stellar. Just FYI but be careful.. 2:The Fujimi kit instructions may assist you somewhat: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10055833 (Full instructions are here) 3: Loadout: AIM-54A, AIM-9P, cleared for AIM-7F, but used AIM-7E-2 and AIM-7E-4. Even better if you do the "Asis Minor" scheme. One note on an error in the Fujimi instructions - the first F-14 kill was by an IAF machine in 9/1980 using 20mm cannon to destroy an Iraqi Mi
  8. Yep - see here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HMS-CAMPBELTOWN-Zerstorer-TOWN-Klasse-2-WK-1-700-/190786023455?pt=Standmodelle_Baus%C3%A4tze&hash=item2c6bbbb01f and http://webshop.netclusive.de/epages/ncs244425151111.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/44425151111/Products/700-23-06 and as you probably know, you have a 1/600 by Airfix. Good luck! Adam
  9. Very nice. Congrats on the build! Adam
  10. First model finished for 2013, (but started in 2012) was the first ship I had built in many many years. This is a 1/700 Admiral Graf Spee released by Matchbox in 1977. Its an old kit of course, but I think it builds up pretty well as a nice example of the German Kriegsmarine Deutschland-class cruiser which was sunk in December 1939. The Graf Spee saw virtually every part of the Atlantic from her launch in 1936 until the final days at after the Battle of the River Plate where she fought 3vs1 before retiring from the engagement. The kit builds quite well out of the box. It is a second
  11. Hi all - My SU-7 is here. http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=258816&view=findpost&p=2454896 That MasterModell kit is not too bad. Hope this is useful for you. Regards! Adam
  12. Thanks. Yes it is the following: http://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=158014 but with aftermarket resin/rubber wheels. Adam
  13. My last build for 2012 looks to be one that was built more as a quest, than a serious build! Anyway, it’s a Su-7BM (S-22M) “Fitter – A†of the former Soviet Air Force ca. late 1970’s. The inspiration (?) for this originated for me when wargaming in the 80’s, I played SPI’s “Oil War†which has several Su-7s featured. all with pretty low attack and range factors, which made me curious as to why these had such low value numbers. So – curiosity kills the cat! – and I discovered that operationally, Su-7s were hampered by a high landing speed of 340–360 km/h due to the t
  14. Personally, I like having my own hobby shop. Very cool. AC
  15. Well, I used DutyCats method of Testors Dullcote + Crown Lacquer thinner tonight. Again, WOW. (just wanted to reaffirm what an awesome finish this is) Thanks Adam
  16. It actually builds quite well, and with some TLC it is worth a try for a rainy day(s). Cheers Adam
  17. Wonderful. Congratulations on an impressive build! Thanks for sharing. Adam
  18. UPDATE: It's been 72 hours and the glue has dried totally clear, and the canopy and windscreen are nicely attached. All good so far. Thank you for the feedback. Adam
  19. Hi all- (Looking for some thoughts, comments & feedback please.) After reading the information here, I have just purchased some Humbrol Clearfix. Previously, I had used white glue, and micro krystal clear, which have been OK too. Thanks in advance. Adam
  20. One of my last projects to wrap up for 2012 is my 1/72 M3/Grant I of the British Army 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 7th Armoured Brigade of the famous “Desert Ratsâ€, May 1942 at the Battle of Gazala. This is the old Airfix kit that was first released in 1969. The kit when built out of the box assembles more as the US version “Lee†than the “Grantâ€. I built this for a couple of reasons, the first was that I knew very little about the M3 (what is the Lee, what is Grant?), and secondly that it was a build as a thank you to one of my uncles for inspiring and teaching me as a little kid to wh
  21. Very very nice. Congratulations on the Firefly. Adam C.
  22. Vale' Phil. In the days of today, Bondo was a gentleman. The Lion of the hobby. Miss ya, Mate. Adam
  23. Wonderful, really inspiring stuff. Makes me think about the Chaffees in my stash too! Regards Adam
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