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  1. Looks good, good good good! Kinda must hurry on my MiG...
  2. Mhmm, nice! Can you later then show, what colours to the bang seat? Thanks! :D Good morning, and i should too get back to my MiG :D
  3. Thanks for the update! I was waiting for it... Did you have any problems fitting the wings to fuselage? (W T F :D ) Becuase mine leave big gaps to be filled... Edit oh, and are you planning to do the box version?
  4. What a nice year! Also, love the Harrier
  5. Nice! Where are you? I dont see you often in MSN these days :S
  6. Su-34

    Russian AWACS

    Great news for Ken! I would get one in 1/144
  7. Hell, i would love to see more in service!
  8. http://tailslide.firelightsoftware.com/images/F15Wing1.jpg
  9. Looks very nice! (Cant say the same about my MiG..)
  10. Hi, i havent been very active because of the school. But, it looks like the MiG-31 has a missing tire on the left gear (front view) Or is it just the angle of the pic? Must be perfect.. Anyway, here's the pic: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1293916/L/ Could this beast survive without a tire? :blink:
  11. Great pics! Does the entertance pay?
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