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  1. Pretty much at the stage where I can start think about getting the airbrush out P
  2. Cheers Dave - it is the number of Aim-7 carried that most interests me. Given the Ark Royal AD flights would have all have been peace time sorties, and not really of the QRF type either I do wonder if two was more common than four on most AD missions. There are plenty of photos of RAF Phantoms loaded for bear, but it's very different for the FAA aircraft. I've found a couple where it shows wing tanks and two Aim-9 only, and some very obvious bombing range loadouts I'll carry on looking P
  3. Cheers MoFo that's pretty much the conclusion I'm coming to.
  4. Cheers for the comments Zac. I've been following the various threads on BritM and gleaning some info. I have got some good intel too from the FAA Fixed Wing FB page with regard to tanks. It seems when at sea it was either the two wingtanks (Sgt Fletcher) fitted or the centreline tank but never all three at the same time (the launch weight being too high). Less info so far about weapon loads, particularly when on AD patrol. A little progress on the kit, but I was waiting on further resources, which have now duly arrived. It seems I will need to sand off the reinforcement plates on each wingtip as these were not fitted to the FAA Phantom, but that will easily be done. At the moment the plan is to go with the early style tail and use the Xtradecals for XT872 - 005/R which has the tail fin zapped by VF-11, presumably when the aircraft crossed deck with a US carrier. I was lucky enough to get on board the USS Roosevelt back in 2015 with the Red Rippers on board at the time.
  5. Surprised that no one else has got one of these on the go. As some of you are aware I now model primarily as an aid for my aviation art, and being a Brit of a certain age the recent release by Airfix of the RN FG.1 has whetted my appetite to get a FG.1 on canvas this year. The Airfix kit is of the same standard as all their new toolings and does have a few issues, but is also fairly straightforward to build, and not too bad a fit. Not too much to see at this stage but it does prompt a couple of questions. My plan is to model the FG.1 as on the Ark Royal in 1976, and inspired by the TV series Sailor, which I fondly remember watching. What would be a typical load for a FG.1 carrying out standard patrol flights when the ship was operating in blue water ? I'm thinking 4x AIM-9 and a full compliment of drop tanks seems logical, but it is a wild gues only Anybody help ? P
  6. Words and pictures https://theaviationist.com/2017/09/21/heres-the-video-of-the-syrian-su-22-fitter-being-shot-down-by-a-u-s-navy-fa-18e-super-hornet/ P
  7. ....and the finished painting hot off the easel. Pretty pleased with this, and nothing at the JO briefing linked above showed this to be badly off the mark Warparty Rocks Oil on panel 18" x 9" P
  8. Let's see if this works Hot from Hook 17 https://livestream.com/wab/tailhook2017/videos/162478715 Nope can't get the embedding to work, so follow the link P
  9. Took these (and a load more) on the Bush this afternoon. P
  10. Guys hi The title says it all I'm looking for the MPM 1:72 Hansa Brandenburg W.29 Friedrich Christiansen kit Anybody got the kit and happy to let it go at a reasonable price ? I'm in the UK if that makes a difference thanks P
  11. I sure you can guess the squadron markings to be applied. About 8 hours work so far, and I would guess a similar amount left before this one is finished.Oil on panel18" x 9"Working title War Party Rocks
  12. While speculation is never good and usually shown to be wrong I'd like to throw a few questions out there and see what we collectively know or think about the event Navy Times ...but nearly two hours later a Syrian SU-22 dropped bombs on SDF fighters, according to Sunday’s news release. “In accordance with rules of engagement and in collective self-defense of Coalition partnered forces, [the Syrian SU-22] was immediately shot down by a U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet,” the news release said. and from the Aviation Geek a little more flesh after a couple of days According to Navy Capt. Jeff Davis,a Pentagon spokesman in fact, the two Super Hornets, which as we have explained were flying near the town of Ja’Din, just south of Tabqah, Syria to provide air cover to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) members, “saw the Su-22 approaching. It again had dirty wings; it was carrying ordinance. They did everything they could to try to warn it away. They did a head-butt maneuver, they launched flares, but ultimately the Su-22 went into a dive and it was observed dropping munitions and was subsequently shot down.” “Dirty wings” is a military term used to describe a plane carrying armaments. In “a head-butt maneuver, the planes fly just in advance of another to create heavy wake and get its attention,” Davis explained. As we have reported immediately after the Syrian Su-22 dropped its bombs, two American F/A-18E Super Hornets, flying from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush, engaged, firing an AIM-9 – a short-range air-to-air missile – at the Syrian plane from about half a mile away. But as US officials told CNN the Syrian jet deployed defensive flares, causing the US missile to miss its target. The U.S. pilot shot a second missile, in the form of an AIM-120 which hit its intended target, downing the Syrian warplane and forcing its pilot to eject. What we do know in addition to the above. At least two F-18E Hornets from VFA-87 were involved BU 168914 getting the kill Modex thought to be 304 It's obvious that the F-18(s) were very close in terms of both distance and altitude from the Fitter and reacted immediately flowing ordnance release by the Syrian aircraft, with Aim-9 release at 0.6 mile. What do we think would be the position of the Hornet relative to the Fitter - somewhere to the rear ? It would seem the altitude of both aircraft would be similar, but what height would the SU-22 be likely dropping ordnance from ? What is the colour schemes and marking on Syrian Fitters ? What is a likely/plausible loadout for the Syrian aircraft ? Would the Fitter have had a wingman ( I would assume so ?) Lets try and keep wild fool guesses to a minimum but apply some logic and see if we can build a picture, even if it's subsequently proved incorrect. And this quote from someone who has seen the HUD video Pretty interesting video and situation. P
  13. Cheers for the confirmation @picknpluck. The kit was not as bad as I was expecting, and actually I thought it pretty good, but do bare in mind I made this as reference for a painting, and not to be entered in competition. The cockpit has issues, with the PE not fitting well within the plastic tub, but it matters little as it can't be seen with the canopy on. The instructions are a little vague in places, and the guide for the smaller decal placement is not very helpful at all. In summary you just need to accept that it is a limited edition kit with the challenges that brings, but the end result is worth it. I might try and do another in landing configuration, and that will be a challenge, but I do like the way the completed kit looks P
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