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  1. daywalker

    Fake Mig

    NICE!!! Awesome Scooter and an amazing paint job.
  2. daywalker

    The Modern Blackhawk Book?

    Good idea Chuck, I'd buy a copy of that one!
  3. daywalker

    CD48093 - F-16C WIld Weasel 1965-2015

    YES! I too would like to see this one in 32nd as well as 48th.
  4. daywalker

    L/F 1/48 RF-8 conversion

    Thank you for that information Men, I do appreciate the help and the inks! I have been snooping around looking for information, and what you have provided is very helpful! Will contact both of those sources and see what I can dig up. Thanks again! Frank
  5. I am gathering materials for a build for a USN veteran who flew RF-8G Photo Crusaders after his tour flying Skyhawks over Vietnam. I do not know a lot about the Crusader, but IIRC there was a 1/48 resin conversion set for recon Crusaders available years ago. I have not having any luck sourcing one, is there anyone here who has one they would part with for a reasonable sum? Happy to buy outright or trade for one. TIA!
  6. daywalker

    Proposed GB: A-4 Skyhawk

    Yep, I'm in! Love the Scooter. Although, not as much as Rex apparently does LOL.
  7. daywalker

    EA-18G CONA

    Loved this scheme the first time I saw it, nicely done!
  8. daywalker

    1/48 Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter

    Very impressive, love the base too. Beautiful model there!
  9. daywalker

    Red edging on EA-18G Wheel Covers

    They sure do. Have a look here.
  10. I'll look tonight when I get home from work and email you.
  11. How cheap are you thinking?
  12. daywalker

    Need a good paint stripper

    I use Mr. Levelling Thinner by Gunze- strips everything including clears, paint, and decals but will not harm the plastic. I typically use a rag or cotton buds with it. You can paint it on with a brush, and wipe off after a few seconds too.
  13. daywalker

    Sukhoi is Great Trader

    Yes indeed, had a great experience with him as well. A+