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  1. I remove the seam with fine Sandpaper, I use Tamiya Polishing compound to polish the canopy(this takes a while) and then dip it in Future for maximum clarity. Otherwise, I normally just dip the thing in future(it works a treat). If you put the dipped canopy on a piece of tissue paper to dry, it takes away the excess future. And White Wolf, Future is avaliable in Singapore. Its called Johnsons Klear. Aaron
  2. Amazing looking model Dennis, and Kev, unfortunately even though VH-OEJ(Wunala Dreaming) is still in service, she has been repainted into the regular QANTAS livery. Aaron
  3. Thats odd Must have been a forum glitch, anyways, heres the link again! It was a struggle to catch this, being a LONG hike through Singapore. Anyways, its here for the World Tour. http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=7045334
  4. Just gonna chip in a couple I took in the China Aviation Museum in Beijing. (its my JP) http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=...385&nseq=41 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=...514&nseq=48 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=...929&nseq=16 Also there are a couple of Il-2s and more chinese trainers, sitting out their last days in a "boneyard" section of the museum!
  5. If you're looking around for brick and Mortar hobby stores, you could try UML(the parent company of Dragon) for Dragon, with there being stores at 579 Nathan Road, Mongkok, 5 Pennington street, and somewhere on Waterloo Road. Check out their website :o http://www.universal-models.com/. They have a fairly comprehensive stock of Japanese and Italeri and stuff like that, however you wont find Trumpeter, or much Revell. Prices are ok, and there is a 10% tourist discount if you show your boarding pass or other proof youre a tourist :). For Trumpeter, there is a shop somewhere on Waterloo road betwe
  6. Down here in Singapore and Hong Kong, it has been out for almost a month already, and all of the shops have a supply of them.
  7. Normally, with Hasegawa purple box kits, all of the engine options are included, as they are for people who are going to use aftermarket decals. I looked it up, and the purple box 767 kit should contain both engine options. HTH Aaron
  8. Im not 100% sure if they are new issues, but Airfix has issued a 737-200 and a 727 in the past. So I think they will be reissues. HTH Aaron
  9. Its true, the F-8 can take off with wings folded. AFAIK it happened multiple times in Vietnam with the marine corps. The aircraft has no aileron I think in that configuration, but dont quote me on that. HTH Aaron
  10. I dont know if it is supposed to be interchangable, but the Academy kit also has the fins and vents on the same side. HTH Aaron
  11. I havent seen the Hobby Boss F-16, but it is a easy kit, unlike the A-7 which is a normal kit. It is much simpler and less detailed than the A-7. HTH Aaron
  12. Hi, for this GB I am building a 1/200 777-200. When I was filling the windows, i took photos so I could write a tutorial on how to fill windows. All you need is epoxy putty, knife and sandpaper. For this, I am using Tamiya Quick type epoxy putty as I dont know where to get other epoxy putties here. Blend equal amounts of the two putties together until the whole thing is one mass of the same color. Roll a sausage of the putty and lay it against the windows you want to fill Use your finger to press the putty through the windows You should end up with something like this Give the pu
  13. LEM-72.51 CAF CF-18 80 YEARS RCAF/CAF SPECIAL LEM-72.61 1/72 CAF CF-18 NORAD 50TH 2008 DEMO ZD-72016 1/72 Vivacious Vipers #2 All from luckymodel in HK, on special =P
  14. Wow, its nice to see new people coming into the hobby. Nice F-14, what kit is it, new or old mold? Aaron
  15. Here is it at the painting stage after preshading and first coat of paint Watch this space Aaron
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