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CD72019 - Vipers

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  • 4 months later...

Updated the final contents of this sheet (see profiles above). The options on this sheet will be:

-USAF Minnesota ANG (the new dark gray scheme)

-Polish AF, Tiger Meet 2011 scheme

-Royal Morocco Air Force

-Royal Bahrain Air Force

-Royal Air Force of Oman

-Pakistani Air Force

Coming as part of the June batch of releases.

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I will look into adding the new Iraqi AF scheme to this sheet - I don't think there is a single seater yet, but the serial numbers should be known by now.

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This is more or less the final draft of the 1/72 F-16 sheet. There are still some things that are missing or need fixing, but I will take care of them tomorrow and send this out before the weekend.

I was able to add the new Iraqi jets, but not the Pakistani one - perhaps in a later sheet.


The MN ANG F-16C in the latest dark gray scheme is one of the options.

As luck would have it, the first photos of the first 169FW (SC ANG) jet (93-0545) to wear the unit markings on the dark gray scheme started showing up on the Web last weekend (see one for yourself here). I will see if I can squeeze it somewhere or at least offer it as an Altimeter add-on sheet at a later time.

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Hi Kursad!

A question about the Bahraini F-16's, which colour do you recommend to paint them?

A friend of mine researched the topic and after several trial and error and much eyeballing,he found out that both 36375 and 35237 are wrong,and the correct colour looks like 36270 or 36231 at most. (the later one is used on the Egyptian F-16's instead of 36118).

The Bahraini F-5's are painted in the same shade,and on his model he used Xtracolour 133 which represent FS 36270.

I tend to agree it is the correct shade, judge for yourself.


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The 1/72 Vipers sheet is here, judging by the e-mails I get, this will be fairly popular.




Dingo: I did not have a chance to look into the your comment on colors of RBAF aircraft yet, but will let everyone know when I do an experiment during the design of the instruction sheets.

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