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  1. Reference here and here say Tornados and Jaguars used CBU-87s. Not clear on if they were used for SEAD/DEAD or not.
  2. I'm finding this tread alternatively infuriating and hilarious (thanks for the gouge on the team in the mountains mixing colors for us allšŸ¤£). I hate to say this as someone who gets AMS himself, but everyone just relax! Build the best model you can, but at the end of the day, its just a model.
  3. I see you now have LAU-68 rocket pods, but they are empty. Do you plan on doing these with rockets loaded as well? Also, will they be available in 1/72? I could really use several of these with both the older unguided rockets and with the newer APKWS. Thanks!
  4. I have similar reservations, as my modeling space is "landlocked" and I cannot run a fume hood. I spray only acrylic, but my final airbrush cleaning after the air is off and I have disassembled the brush is to wipe everything down with some lacquer thinner. I keep the gloves and respirator on for that part. Not too much odor/fumes from that as the volumes are much smaller and I do not atomize the lacquer by spraying.
  5. Have you tried Stynylrez from Badger? I have used their white, gray, and black versions of this acrylic primer and have been happy with the results. Goes on thin and sands nicely, thinning down like plastic or good putty rather than peeling off like latex wall paint. Link to the manufacturer's site
  6. Oooh - very exciting! I'm a sucker for Vipers in the One True Scale, and I missed 72060, so I may pounce on both. Do we know subjects for the new sheet yet? I presume the ones from your recent 1/48 sheet, plus one or two more? (hoping!)
  7. Yes, I think this is the CEC. LINK
  8. Wow! Love the Canberra, and your whole VT ANG collection!
  9. Very excited for the Early F-16 sheet! Have a Hasegawa YF-16 that could use good decals.
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