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  1. Yes, I think this is the CEC. LINK
  2. Wow! Love the Canberra, and your whole VT ANG collection!
  3. Very excited for the Early F-16 sheet! Have a Hasegawa YF-16 that could use good decals.
  4. Yes, there seems to have been some confusion here, sorry. I was aware that the link I posted was to the F3H-G/H. I was using it only as a comparison to the original post photograph, in which I was mentioning that the second cockpit canopy could not be seen, or at least was not clear. Because I did not see it I was really questioning if this was an early F4H. I have since watched the linked video and see that it is indeed the F4H-1/F-4A mentioned. It is a testament to how low-profile the original second cockpit canopy was that it can so easily be overlooked from some perspectives. Did not mean to stir anything up!
  5. Help me out here, guys. I'm only seeing one cockpit! Could this be some kind of mockup of the McDonnell F3H-G/H? The rest of the airframe look like an F4H, so maybe this is some strange hybrid? Wiki Photo
  6. Excellent work! Nice kit, nice subject, and VERY nice modeling!
  7. Keep yourself safe! Decals are nice but we can wait.
  8. Things we don't see much - thanks for sharing!
  9. Per Dana Bell's USAF Colors and Markings in the 1990s the basic C-9A was FS 16473, Aircraft Gray. The USAF SAM C-9C was base color FS 16515 (Boeing Gray), FWIW.
  10. See the excellent Desert Storm site for information on where the CALCMs were loaded. Good luck with your build.
  11. Thanks, all. When/if I ever get to building a YA-10 I'll be sure to use the Republic seat.
  12. The original picture is here. Google and other search engines can be fickle. A keystroke or two different and I find results move around or disappear entirely. Given that the pic was on a small blog, I'm not surprised it took some effort to find.
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