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  1. bdt13

    F-89J Scorpion "Pod"

    Could it be some kind of "old fashioned" range instrumentation or weapons simulator?
  2. bdt13

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    " I was rather surprised to see the basket and hose fit on the boom, when the jet is a MPRS bird with the pods on the wings - any idea why that would be necessary?" Perhaps the crew needed to perform a routine qualification with the "Iron Maiden" and the MPRS bird was the one available to do it in? BTW - fantastic pics as always! The MC-130s landing is especially great. Thank you so much for sharing these.
  3. Since this thread already seems to have changed topics once, what's going on with the red nose cap on the JDAM? The ones I have seen in the past looked like anodized metal.
  4. OK I believe you - fuel leak. The photos seem entirely consistent and it seems you have personal experience with jets, which I do not. Thank you for clearing this up.
  5. That makes some sense. MD-80s has wing icing after landing on occasion from cold fuel condensing and freezing on the wings where the fuel had cold soaked during the flight. The "stuff," whatever it is, is at the outboard aft end of the tanks, which appears to be the lowest end of the wing tanks, so where the fuel would be the longest and most often.
  6. bdt13

    1/72 Scale F-8 Crusader Reccomendations

    A01- If you can find it there was a 1-100 scale F-8 in Shin Kazama's markings from Takara. It comes with a 1-24 scale figure of Area-88's hero.
  7. bdt13

    New line: Caracal Models Basics

    F-16 stencils in 1-72 would be very welcome! There are a lot of schemes these would be good for.
  8. bdt13

    F-16 Block 60

    F-16.net has an album you may want to look through here. There are photos from Odyssey Dawn (Libya 2011) with A-A loads. I've also seen photos of them with GBU-12s and a locally made guided bomb, not sure if that was in an actual conflict or an exercise. Middle East nations tend to be squirrely about photos of their weapons, so there may not be too many good photos out there.
  9. Excellent job! I especially like the NMF on the one external tank.
  10. Excellent build! I like the side-by-side of your Flankers where the significant changes from prototype to production are shown.
  11. bdt13

    German Tornado war loads?

    Modern Hobbies makes a good 1/72 Maverick and single rail: Click Here I have a few of these I intend to use for A-10 builds, the triple rails haven't been used much in actual combat loads.
  12. Added some seat belts and other "soft" items on the seat using Tamiya tape. Oxygen and comms hoses from solder. Coated with thin CA after to hopefully make it more permanent. Also filed the center gap between the pilot's knees, as the kit part was straight across. There are several other shape issues with the seats (I shudder to think what the scale thickness of the ejection handles is, for example) but this is as much as I care to do for this build.
  13. Wow! That's an excellent build!
  14. bdt13

    F-105G Thud 63-8320

    Wow, this is moving fast! Nice paint work on the camo.