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Presenting the Shelf Queens!

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I am not sure if this is acceptable, I started it in 2013, 1/144 Revell C-130 with

Aeroclub metal engine parts. The original kit got lost when I moved to Fl at the end

of 2013 but the Aeroclub parts made it! I restarted it earlier this year then stopped

to finish up other pending projects. Is it a viable entry? Hope so.




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Okay I'm starting with an F-8, but I have a Sea Harrier, an A-4 and an Fw190A-8, all 1/48 scale. Most of then are nearly done, except for the A-4, which needs sanding and scribing.

The F-8 has gone through a move and sat in the garage for 1.5 years. I accounted for all the parts and it's good to go, except for building a gunsight, adding the canopies, attaching some parts, decaling and finishing.

Here she is after I reinforced the raised panel lines:


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Latecomer to the group... Started this 1/72 Academy F5F about two years ago. All I had done was wash it and cut a few pieces from the sprue before putting it aside for some reason. This will be my first build in over ten years! I started painting the interior over the weekend and will be closing the fuselage soon. :unsure:


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