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Presenting the Shelf Queens!

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This will be a bit of a different take on the standard "proposed build" thread.

Lets get some information out there as well. No obligation but it would be great for all of us to post the following:

1) The Model (as much detail as possible, some shots of the current state of completion would be great)

2) Year/Month started

3) When the project stalled and why

4) What is left to do

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Hi everyone!

This Queen is a 1/32 Trumpeter SBD-5 Dauntless

The build started in April of 2010... my god... I have an in-progress here

The project stalled in October of 2010 and it was for a number of reasons - I really screwed up the cowl (the gluing of clear parts to normal plastic is not easy for me) and I needed to order a new cowl. That part took a couple months to get to me. Also - I had made a terrible decision to use Model Master Acrylic paint for the interior green - and some of it flaked off. Anyhow - by the time I got the parts and such, other projects were on the go so I boxed it.

What is left:

1) I need to prep the canopy

2) Retouch the flaked off paint in the cockpit

3) paint the new cowl as well as paint the rest of the colours.

4) Decals and wash

Some pics:





Not too much in the grand scheme of things... Hopefully I can get this one to fly off the bench in a few weeks!

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Hi guys!

As soon as I'm able to take some pics I'm in! I have 2 kits that I have in the making:

#1 Italeri 1/72 Su-34, started around october 2013, last tackled with in february 2014. I got spooked by the work ahead of me, rescribing some parts of the fuselage aft of the canopy, making centerline rack (I still have little idea how it really looks), chaff dispenser under the sting, and painting. Wanted to go the easy way and buying resin update set, but now it's sold out in my shops, oops ;)/> Frankly, I can't wait to just finish it...

#2 Hasegawa 1/72 Su-33, started it in march 2014, last work was done about may/june 2014. Not much progress with this one. I wanted to finish my more advanced projects before the Hornet's Nest GB, so I left it as it is. I have aires cockpit for this one, and wolfpack wingfold. I've begun fitting the wingfold to the fuselage, cut off kit wings with my (then) new powertool. What's left to do? almost everything. But without some proper incentive I would leave it in its rather large box for some more time.

Edit: I didn't see that only kits started more than a year ago, so only Su-34 for me ;)

Well... let's roll ;)/>

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I have a couple.

A F-4B Academy Phantom which is waiting for M-Haz to send me some decals. Thing is near done apart from that.

A A-1 Skyraider near done be DonG. Have yet to finish the bombs, weapons some paint . Not quite sure how I will finally finish it. Might strip it and paint it blue.

Have a A-4C also built from DonG. This one has a lot to finish but as with all DonGs models it was done damn nice.

Have to hold fire until I get a couple done for the SAR build and one for the Tiger.

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I'm in with another, actually I have been trying to finish this one for a week.

Hobbyboss Type VII C U-boat, 1/350th.

My wife got it for me for Christmas last year, I started two days later, I never got a chance to finish it before I left for 9 months, and now I'm finishing it to add it to my Kriegsmarine collection. I wasn't going to enter this one since it is so close, I have just a few pieces of PE, touch up painting, then rigging, BUT, since I planned all along to finish this before I start Lulu Belle again, why not. I'm trying to prevent what makes shelf queens, multiple kits at once.


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I'd really like to finish my 72nd L-410.


1) The Model: 1/72nd Gavia Let L-410

2) Year/Month started: Early 2011. Some in-progress shots from 2013: In-Progress Thread

3) Stalled multiple times due to subpar fit and other projects popping up.

4) I need to do some more filling and sanding, then scratch build the landing lights in the nose, and then the standard paint/decal/weathering.



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Banner 1/350 USS Arizona, converted to USS Pennsylvania 1941. It is my intent to represent Pennsy as near as I can (with maybe just a touch of artistic license) to her appearance during the first week of December 1941. I started this during the winter of 2005-2006 and nibbled away at it until April 2014, when the Eduard photo etch set brought it to a screeching halt. It is complete (and moreso than the other PE sets I got) to the point that I have to do some tearing down and reworking before it progresses.

Pic of it sitting on the bench, since April, taken yesterday:


More details of course in the build thread.


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It's about time I finish this one;


1. 1/72 Hasegawa F-4E Phantom II into a Turkish F-4E/TM

2. 01 Mar 2013

3. Apr 2013, events in life..

4. Add some detail, install flaps, slats, gear and get it painted!

Sad thing to the story is that between starting this model and finishing it, TUAF has wfu this specific version of the gunnosed Phantom...



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I'm in.

Project: Airfix 1:48 Augusta Merlin with the Belcher Bits CH-149 Cormorant conversion for a modern day RCAF SAR helo. Including crew and interior

Started : November 2013

Put on hold: around March 2014. I was going gangbusters, very motivated on this partly because at work I was involved with a project that took me on a tour of the RCAF SAR facilities and I was able to get up close to some real Cormorants - something I seldom have chance to do with the typical jet fighters I model. The kit started going together well. Probably the hardest model project I've attempted requiring major cuts to the kit fuselage to fit the Cormorant panels. That went ok. Took my time and was pleased how it came out. But as the kit advanced, I was having more and more fit problems with the base Airfix parts. Misalignments seam gaps putty and filler are the order of the day. I lost interest because I was afraid iof doing a poor job. So I put it aside and worked on other things. Now after 9 months or so I think my seam / gap repair skills are better. And I want this big box off my work table.

Left to do: finish the details of the fuselage assembly, rotors and paint / decal. Doesn't sound like much I guess, but I fear my 3/4 full tube of Squadron putty will run out before I'm done.

Sorry, no pics today while I post from my phone. But soon

Best regards all

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I'm in, as well, with a twofer:

First up:

1) Hasegawa P2V-7 Neptune, with Eduard self-adhesive photoetch and Microscale decals

2) Started in January of 2012

3) Worked off and on until March 13th, 2013, the day we found out my wife miscarried

4) Decals, final assembly, weathering, custom decal work (putting my son's name on the canopy instead of the real pilot)



1) Italeri/Testors B-57B Canberra, OOB except Microscale decals

2) Started October 2010

3) Stalled January 2011 due to parts going missing (specifically the exhaust nozzles - found someone local with a Mattel vac-forming machine to make replacements)

4) Paint, decals, weathering, final assembly


If I finish both, I may also jump in with a Federation-class dreadnought conversion from Sci-Fi Spaceships Miniatures (remember those guys?) that I had completely assembled, and took apart when I decided to add lights to it. Start date - 9/2004; drydock return date -10/2012; last touch - 11/2013, when I got the replacement center nacelle from Federation Models

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So it had to be started over a year ago? I have a 1/24 McLaren MP4/4 that I attempted to do a 24hr build in May. Paint failed me so it basically needs stripped/sanded and completely repainted correctly which means not in a time limit rush.

I've also got a 1/12 Tyrrell that's maybe half done but I still haven't found he mojo to restart that one. I started that about 3-4 years ago.

Would like to do the McLaren though lmk.

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Great idea CM and thanks for moderating.

As stated in my topic starter below, I'm going to finish up a Revellogram F-18A 'Blue Angels' kit but I'll be using either Leading Edge, Canuck or CanMilAir decals. I haven't decided which set but I do have a favourite set in mind. I can't remember when I started this kit. It might have been 2010. It might have been 2011. Some of the fit and features re not too bad. Others, notably wing and fuselage seams are ridonculous! I was up to my elbows in putty at one time, if I recall correctly. I have only ever thrown out two models due to horrible fit and inaccuracy before; AMT's 73 Mustang Mach 1 and Hobbycraft Canada's Twin Otter. This was going to be number three but I thought better and just put it in a box and stored it on a shelf, vowing to finish it one day.

As for what's been done and what is left to do, I can't remember. I haven't looked in the box since I shelved it. I know the fuselage is together as are the wings. I know there is still major seam work to do. I don't have any photos of what's been done so far but I will take some photos of the progress I have made up to this point prior to resuming any work.


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Here is my second oldest shelf queen. I purchased this 1/48 Testors RF-4C back in the early 80s and didn't start it till about 5 or 6 years ago when I got back into the hobby. At the time I didn't have a dedicated area for building so when company came over I would just pack everything up. One day I just never unpacked it to continue. Looks like I was doing some filling and sanding when it was last boxed up.



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Here's mine:

Kit: 1/720 Revell USS Arizona.

started: 11 Nov 2010

excuses: haven't touched it in at least two years, maybe it's the realization of the total futility of life?

what's done and what remains to be done: done - laminated plastic anti-torpedo bulges, reshaping of splinter shields including stiffeners, a bunch of detail added to funnel, some PE railing. remains to be done, big stuff - bilge keels and props and shafts, scratch build new main armament, masts and sighting towers. After those are done the rest should be straight forward.

ultimate fate: I do intend to finish her. Maybe in time for the 75th, uh, 80th anniversary?


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Hello all Happy New year. Ok here's my attempt at completing a group build:

1) Four 1/48 Glenco Pfalz D.IIIs all in the Jasta 10 markings that came in the kits.

2) Started in the summer of 2005?

3) Stalled in fall of 2006? Life just got in the way, got more active in RC flying and less time at the bench

4) What is left to do A lot of detail painting, assembly and rigging.



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OK, time to start cleansing my soul...

First up is an Alley Cat 1/48 GAF Jindivik. The is really an outstanding kit!!! You can build every variant of the Jindivik made.

This is where I left it about 9 months ago


This was the first time I used Humbrol enamels, and I expected it to be more opaque. Unfortunately, I didn't do a clean final primer coat, and it completely shows through. I also made a mistake in a little clean-up when I used isopropyl with masking tape applied; the isopropyl remaining in the tape reacted badly with the enamel, adding further insult to injury. :bandhead2:

Well, at least I learned a few more things on this build...

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I don't have 100, but I do have a few. I chose the one that was most visible to me. I'm going to use this GB as a swift kick in the , uh, motivator to finish those things that got pushed aside from one reason or another. With that as a guide, any one I choose is far better than choosing none! :woot.gif:

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Not much of a photo poster, but I'll start with the 1:48 Revell (ICM) Spitfire XVI. I got this when it was new, 2012 according to the copyright on the decals. Something about the cockpit was bugging me so I stopped about two years ago. With the new eduard kit coming this year, it's now or never for these tired old molds.

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My first will be a JACH 1/144 Ta 183 in a what-if production scheme. It is very close to being done, so I can do it in the downtime of the finishing touches of my two other group build models.

I bought it at the end of 2012 and worked on it for the next six months. I scratchbuilt a cockpit and extended the intake pipe. The color scheme uses late-war German colors, but in a combination not used on regular aircraft. The idea is to make a Ustashe Croatian version, so I made it a brighter green to match the countryside.

There was no cause for putting it back in the box - I just felt like working on something else. I do that a lot.

I need to paint the landing gear bays and maybe some yellow identification blocks. Otherwise, it's just decals and other finishing.

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