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  1. Yeah, I started too late to get it done on time. On the other hand; I have almost completed my first kit in 10+ years! I'll have it done soon.
  2. Old photos I took from the early '90s?
  3. Latecomer to the group... Started this 1/72 Academy F5F about two years ago. All I had done was wash it and cut a few pieces from the sprue before putting it aside for some reason. This will be my first build in over ten years! I started painting the interior over the weekend and will be closing the fuselage soon. :unsure:
  4. Sorry, couldn't resist... :whistle:/>
  5. F-35 Delayed After Fourth Prototype Becomes Self-Aware And Has To Be Destroyed THE PENTAGON — The military’s problematic F-35 fighter jet is facing more delays related to “software issues,” as project engineers were forced to euthanize the fourth prototype to gain self-awareness on Monday. <snip> Read the rest of the story here: http://www.duffelblog.com/2014/02/f35-delays-sentience/ ;)/>
  6. We had maybe 100 kids. Yes, some were "bused" into the 'hood, we live in an upscale neighborhood. Every year people wear costumes at the office so I dressed up and wore this while I handed out candy, taking turns with the wife. :whistle:/>
  7. The P-38F and P-47 below where dug up and brought back from New Guinea. The P-47 may be too far gone...
  8. Photos from my recent trip to the airport museum.
  9. Engine and supercharger system from the first P-47.
  10. P-38F, also from New Guinea, under restoration. Original nosecone for the P-38F. F7F-3N minus a radome. A famous B-25?
  11. I finally got around to posting the last pix I took recently... A buddy and I visited the National Museum of WWII Aviation last Thursday and here are some photos from that trip. P-47D P-47 dug up on New Guinea.
  12. I like. :thumbsup:/> Now I need to read your build thread... :whistle:/>
  13. Map of HobbyTown USA locations in Colorado Springs. Outside of Hobby Lobby they are the only game in town I am aware of so far. HobbyTown is more specialized for the modeler than Hobby Lobby. HTH, Gregg
  14. Wow! You can remember that far back!?! ;)/> I vaguely remember that refueling. That's one thing I miss since leaving CA, all the airshows they use to have. Cheers, Gregg
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