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I will be building this for my entry.





This kit has been around for a more than a few years now, but all in all its not a bad kit. I'm not going to ad any after market to the kit, but I do plan on sprucing up the interior a bit with some styrene and wire.

I thought I'd start with the wings. The side walls for the gear bays come with the bay doors attached, its a bit awkward inserting them into the wing this way so I opted to remove the doors. I figure it was just a matter of time before I accidentally broke them off anyway.


I began with painting the gear bays with MM #2071 RLM 02 I added a little color to liven it up a bit. This was followed by a coat of future and a wash.




I gave everything a couple of days to dry before assembly. Horizontal stabs done too.



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Ok time to get caught up, the wings have been joined and went together nicely, the engines nacelles however were a different story, gaps and steps all the way around.




So I used a combo of squadron green putty styrene and super glue to fill gaps and correct the steps.


This was followed by a lot of sanding a touched ups with dabs of super glue, I spent quite a bit of time doing this to get it right.


Then a little rescribing and riveting.


I picked the riveting tool from UMM at the NATS the other week these things are awesome pick one up if you have the chance.


the final result


More to follow shortly.

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Now for some work on the cockpit and the interior of the aircraft. My intent here is not to replicate or be accurate it is simply to make the interior a little more busy, and only bits and pieces of it will be visible anyway once the fuselage is closed up.

First some electronic equipment built from scratch and scavenged from the spares box.


And after some paint dry brushing and color.



Here I've added a little detail to the cockpit using styrene and copper wire.




and also a little to the interior of the fuselage as well.



Thats it for now I think I'm ready to paint the interior so I can get this thing closed up.

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I'm just about ready to close up the fuselage so I thought I would test fit the canopy and nose pieces and this is what I find, I don't know if this is a flaw with the kit or did I just get stuck with a bad mold.



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That's some fine scratchbuilding and detail work. Bummer about the canopy part. Probably a bad mould but I wouldn't know for sure. How about a note to Revell-Monogram to see if they have a replacement part? If not, you can probably fill the gaps with white glue or Testors Clear Part Cement:


Keep up the good work.


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Nothing much today the fuselage halves joined together and the wings put on also, the fit of the wings isn't the best again more steps and gaps to deal with. Still no feed back from Revell on the canopy replacement I did receive a confirmation number when I first put in the request but other than that nothing, hopefully they come through.


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I liked your U/C bay work, but that cockpit is gorgeous! Great job, not just with the added detail but also the paint.

Re spares - I've ordered parts from RoG, received a confirmation and then got the parts a month or so later. Not sure how different the US system is.

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Ok work on the 111 has continued but I haven't found time to post anything, this is where I stand with the build.

I never received a replacement canopy from revell so I had to correct this one.I sanded the back side of it to get it to properly mate up with the fuselage, and as you can see it left me quite short on the front end.


So my solution was to ad some styrene on the back side which is going to be painted over anyway.




and the final result.



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I've also started painting so I thought I'd give this black basing technique a try. The model was basically primed in Tamiya flat black.


Then I started with the underside. first with the base color MM RLM 65 Hellblau, then highlighting with a 50%/50% mix of MM RLM 65 and flat white, the finally using a very thin mix of MM RLM 65 to slowly blend it all together.




I'm about midway through painting the top it still needs a few more thin coats. Even though its hard to tell from this pic the color is MM RLM 79 Sandgelb


more later.

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Your Heinkel is coming along great. Nice work dealing with all the fit issues you have encountered. I thought this one was an easier build (I have one is the stash that I haven't quite gotten to yet)

Looking forward to seeing how it finishes up.


David :cheers:/>

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Great solution to the short canopy problem. After seeing the painted piece, you'd never know you had an issue there. Very well done.

Good luck with the painting. Looks like it could be a labour intensive endeavour. I'll keep an eye on your progress.


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Nice job so far,this is one of the few kits I actually built once I received it.

What happened to your rudder pedals? one looks broken the other missing.




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Interesting paint technique. Looks like it has worked well

Thanks I'm pleased with the overall result, the technique can be found here, It seemed a little labor intensive but I think it had more to do with the size of the model than the technique. I will be using it again especially on Navy grey jet schemes.

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The painting is complete, here are a few more pics, the camera really doesn't pick up all the subtle color variation seen with the naked eye.




I also had a couple seem failures naturally after the painting was done but they have been corrected and I'm ready to clear coat, decal and weather the model.

Another tedious process is masking the nose on this thing, I'm a little more than half way through that.


I did buy some fast frames for this kit but the few I tried really didn't fit well at all so I had to break out the Tamiya tape.

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Thanks Sernak, I've clear coated the model with future and once its cured for 48hrs I start the decaling, I'm going to use a mixture of the kit decals and some others in my stash so the unit markings and color scheme won't be accurate but I wanted to do it in RLM 79 scheme, my model my rules.



This thing is so big its hard to get all of it into frame. The nose is also done and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

ready for paint


primed the interior color


final result



I thought I'd taken a few pics midway through the color coat of the nose but apparently I didn't.

more to follow once decaling and weathering have begun.

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Starting the decaling now


and as usual its never a smooth process for me, the first cross I put down came apart into a thousand pieces so I had to break out the Superfilm


this stuff is pretty good it dries quickly and fairly thin, but don't wander beyond the borders of the decal with it because it will leave you with excess film around the decal that under a gloss finish can be pretty visible. Despite using this you can see I still had a little failure of the decal but I can live with it I should be able to mask it during the weathering process.

you can see in this photo the excess film I painted on the decal, which should disappear when I flat coat it.


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I'm done with the decals but pretty much screwed the pooch on the fuselage decals, I applied the starboard first and let them dry.


what I didn't realize at the time and would be apparent to most was the difference in width of the 1H and the KM so I didn't leave myself enough room on the port side for the KM which lead to the crosses not lining up on the side.




I tried to soak and remove the decals on the starboard side to correct it but they weren't going to budge so I'm going to have to live with it

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