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  1. Modeling Madness has an in-box preview up. Unfortunately Scott stopped posting sprue shots in his previews in favour of instruction scans a while back but it's still a good read: https://modelingmadness.com/scott/mod/previews/kh/kh350003.htm
  2. 1/48 French Bearcat

    Thanks Don, you've all certainly given me plenty of food for thought as well as some good resources to check out kit-wise. I'm quite uninformed as far as Bearcats go - for example, I'm so used to Rare Bear and other racers I was surprised the in-service engine was an R-2800, and I didn't know some versions had cannon instead of MGs. Academy kits have always been good to me but, as I mentioned, the HB kit is surprisingly affordable. I'm on a tight budget so I'm looking to avoid any aftermarket engines or cockpits. Thank you all for your prompt replies!
  3. Best 1/72 Apache for YAH-64A?

    Thanks LD, what an excellent resource! I have plenty of time at work (lucky for some, a curse for me as I like to be busy) so I'll happily go through. Thank you. I sifted through the Army Aviation Digest back catalogues for YOH-6 images (that funky, thicker tail and no/abbreviated doghouse!) but didn't think to look for AAH stuff as well.
  4. 1/48 French Bearcat

    Hi all, The Academy and Hobby Boss kits appear to be the two best options on the market. Ideally I'd like to avoid buying any replacement parts like cockpit, cowling or decals, I'd just like to build a representative aircraft as seen during the First Indochina War, maybe a Dien Bien Phu veteran. So. Which should I get? The Hobby Boss looks good and is only $1 or so more expensive. Advice greatly appreciated and welcomed!
  5. Some lovely work there, bravo! One question though: did this Spit have metal prop blades instead of the standard wood?
  6. Soyuz MS

    I see the photos and I love them! What gorgeous models! It's so nice to see new Soyuz models on the market.
  7. Hughes 269 in 1:48 from Profiline

    Now that the Profiline 1/72 kits have been released by Special Hooby what chances are there that they also got the info for the 269/300 and will release it eventually?
  8. Best 1/72 Apache for YAH-64A?

    Thanks gents, that's very helpful. Hopefully the Hasegawa kit I keep seeing online is that one. Drewe - I'll be aiming for something that generally looks like AV02 rather than being totally accurate. I'm not up to canopy replacement unless it's a proper aftermarket one so will likely just ignore that part. Do you have any drawings or schematics that could be helpful to me?
  9. 1/72 YA-10A

    That is so cool! It brought a big smile to my face. I've always loved the traditional camo on an A-10 but it looks rather nice in grey with the hi-viz markings. I'm with Ben, I'm unfamiliar with the kit and am keen to know what you did to make it a YA-10.
  10. Lovely work! You've made this Kiwi's morning! I think this is the first RNZAF Platz Skyhawk I've ever seen, and I'm glad it's such a gorgeous example. Are those OldModels Decals decals?
  11. Rutan Voyager, A-model, 1/72

    I'm excited to see this build, I've been very disappointed more copies of this kit haven't been built. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your progress. I learned about Voyager as a child thanks to the BBC's fantastic documentary series Reaching For The Skies. Voyager was in the first episode, and whenever I see a photo - or model - of it the music they use for takeoff comes straight into my head. https://youtu.be/A_x3H-sH9JA?t=50m25s
  12. I'm very impressed by the test builds. They look fantastic. Who'll be first with a 500C conversion kit? Sign me up!
  13. Hi all, This may be a big ask. I'm slowly working on a 1/72 Hughes Aircraft collection and would like to include AV02, the first Apache prototype to fly. I'm 99% sure there are no conversion kits out there to do the short sponsons, pointed nose, T-tail etc so I'm gathering art and photos for use as references. So what's a good kit for me to use start point? In New Zealand the Academy kits are the cheapest, followed by Italeri. The secondhand market means Hasegawa won't be out of my reach. I'd also be grateful for any leads on diagrams/blueprints or links to Hughes info. I found one or two photos on Boeing's archives site. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, This is one that I've found a bit of conflicting info on over the years: was the H-1's wing red or blue when Howard flew the speed record run in September 1935? Pretty much everything I've seen and read indicates blue, but there are sources which say it was red. The long wing - as on the aircraft today - I'm pretty sure has always been blue. George J Marrett has written about seeing the aircraft in its storage hut in 1975 with the extra wings against the wall...it'd be great if he's still around to ask!
  15. 1/72 Skyraider prop question

    Any ideas or suggestions? The Revell 1/72 A-1E/AD-5 I have seems to have broad blades, and I can't find any replacement props on Scalemates in 1/72.