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  1. Which reminds me, I'm overdue flogging a dead horse: what's the best 1/72 kit to represent this A-10C? I'm optimistically thinking decals won't be far off...
  2. When I first saw the front-3/4 photo it screamed "in-country" to me, it just looks so right. I need a 1/72 Hog kit and these markings as decals. What an amazing tribute.
  3. There were two or three people very busy staffing the tent, unfortunately time was against us so I decided against waiting around to ask questions when there were actual customers around. Perhaps tellingly the only built/display model was a Camel that was broken and tacked onto a base instead of a display case. Due to a change in national COVID alert levels today's show was cancelled late last night so I expect whatever stock remained will be put back into stock added to any future online sale.
  4. I was excited to see this reissued - I have built an Aurora original thanks to a friend - and so good to see a build!
  5. I wasn't sure if there'd be interest here too, so apologies for not posting! I'm attending the airshow on Saturday so will make a point of chatting to the team onsite and getting photos of what's there.
  6. Beautiful work John, you've really captured the look.
  7. I'm a latecomer to this thread, I wanted to say how impressed I am by your cockpit and bays work. Amazing!
  8. Hi all, This is the Tamiya boxing of the Italeri kit, purchased at clearance price from a bookshop that was going out of hobby supplies (a couple of years later they thankfully got back into it with Airfix and Humbrol). It sat for a while as I didn't have any particular plan for it, then stumbled on the idea of a Royal Australian Air Force aircraft in desert camo. I got the kit together but ran out of steam while painting, so back in the box she went. Fast forward another 3-4 years and I found some decals for a RW RAAF F/A-18 project, bought them, then discovered they weren't sui
  9. This is a perennial question that, until we know the paint used on the two airframes converted for the movie, will probably always be down to eye and personal preference. But I'd still like to know if anyone has found the definitive match? In this FSM thread one person suggests MM Blue Angel Blue, then further down we get MM Non-Specular Blue. This IPMS USA review of the Aoshima kit - a beautiful build - used MM Insignia Blue with Dark Sea Blue underside. When I built a 1/72 U-2 I think I used Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue which looks pretty good...?
  10. Hi all, I did a very quick search but couldn't find any relevant thread, apologies if there is one! Inspired by the recent announcement that Australia will buy the Apache Guardian (of course we have no idea what equipment they will have etc), I've been looking at the available kits but have no real idea what I'm looking for. What's the best kit right now for an AH-64E? Have there been any whispers about new kits? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks to this thread I got to watching a ton of S92 videos on YouTube and now I want one in 1/72! A very impressive machine.
  12. I'm so pleased to see one of these underway! I had a quick look at Scalemates and the only other options are the 1/72 Unicraft (likely even less suited to beginners based on my experience with their kits!) and the various permutations of the 1/40 Hawk kit.
  13. Beautiful work Rob! That's a lot more effort than I went into with mine - just creative painting I think.
  14. Beautiful work, she looks fantastic! Also I didn't realise the Okhotnik was so big.
  15. Just guessing but: 1) maybe the company feels they can do better than the existing kits b) the existing kits don't make money for KH
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