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  1. RCAF Kittyhawk colours?

    Thanks guys. RCAFFAN: I guess it's not the time capsule the warbird world's been led to believe!
  2. RCAF Kittyhawk colours?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what colour the lower surfaces of RCAF Kittyhawks were painted? Photos of AK803 look to be a very light grey or off-white: http://www.rcafkittyhawk.com/faraway.htm I can't find anything online that doesn't talk about camouflage colours. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    I'm not sure how defamation is industrial espionage, but there you go. I was curious about any actual accuracy/build issues with the kit, but I'll just wait for the Airfix one.
  4. CAVALIER III Turbo Mustang 1/32

    Stunning work! That finish, WOW!
  5. Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-6G Force Arienne Katangeise

    A very interesting choice of subject - I like it! You've done a great job. Armed to the teeth, a small short-lived air force, cool camo, it ticks all the boxes! One question: why is the rear stick installed backwards?
  6. Roden C-141 w/Caracal decals

    Bravo, what a gorgeous build! Before I scrolled down I only saw the top half of your first photo and thought it was a reference one of the real deal.
  7. Not a problem, I had 12yr of photos to recover and re-upload myself!
  8. Without wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth...bump?
  9. Academy 1/48 P-40C Tomahawk

    Nice work O! I know it's not the most accurate kit but it certainly looks the part, and I love your choice of scheme (and how well-executed it is). Nice job.
  10. 1/32 Cavalier Turbo Mustang conversion

    Your work on the belly plug is superb, it looks like it came out of the box that way! It's nice to see one of these in a decent size. Now, if they came out with an Enforcer conversion kit I'd be in trouble...!
  11. Bell beauty shots

    Please forgive my ignorance: why the 212 nose?
  12. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale UH-1D Finished

    Absolutely stunning work, Floyd! That finish is so perfectly weathered, I really, really like it. Bravo. I remember an RNZAF -1H dropped in to the airport where I worked in 2009 or so after one of those missions to hand over the green stuff to the Police, fuel up and go home. Once the truck and Huey had left, my fellow apprentice engineer ran out in the hope of finding some stray leaves on the ground!
  13. 1/48 PZL M-18 Dromader

    The only way I got kits of one of my favourite aircraft, the Fletcher FU-24 agricultural plane, was to ask every manufacturer under the sun whether they'd do it. Unicraft said yes and, while it's rough, at least it's an easier starting point than scratching. But that's 1/72 and I still needed to get 20 firm orders before he made the master - a 1/48 would be a big ask unless you got the support from other builders.
  14. Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    Are there any glaring issues like the P-40's too-tall canopy?
  15. Italeri (Esci) Bell 206 JetRanger?

    It may have been here, when I posted my 1/72 build that's still awaiting paint...putting yellow over OD plastic ain't fun! Fun twist: a friend now flies the same JetRanger for the same company (since renamed)! I don't know. It seems a weird concept now that a lot of it seems to be off-the-shelf, ex-206 components as opposed to a wholly new design. But I don't know much about the real-world ins and outs to say much else. It looks neat!