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  1. K5054NZ

    Eduard Zero

    They've said they're doing everything except the A6M1 and A6M8, including Rufes. Amazing!
  2. I can't help but be naive and ask: have you contacted Hasegawa to ask them why?
  3. What a beautiful piece to end the aircraft part of the build!
  4. I’m a bit late! So, decals are sorted thanks to KitsWorld (I don’t actually have them but that‘s one box ticked). Airfix is really nice but tricky to backdate to - what would I need to do for a Movie F? Or, look for the Promodeler kit in its original form (or a Revell box) as it’s a good F. Any advances? I acknowledge it’s an unusual request!
  5. Tanmodel maybe? I seem to remember some Phantom chat from them a few years back.
  6. Thanks Joe, the lack of pylons is disappointing but not a deal-breaker.
  7. Hi all, I'm struggling with this. I have an idea which involves a stand-mounted F4U-1D but it doesn't seem as though any of the available kits have an option to build with retracted gear. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it easy enough to build, say, the Tamiya kit gear-up? Or is there an option that won't require much work in the way of packing, filling etc?
  8. Beautiful job, Dai! I enjoyed following this build and the end result is a gorgeous example.
  9. I have to confess I've never built a 1/144 BUFF, only box scale and 1/72, but how much of the IP is actually visible when assembled? And I may have missed it: is there provision for it to be built gear-up OOB?
  10. That's turned out as gorgeous as I was hoping for, well done Ray!
  11. Only positive comments from me, she's beautiful! The bays look amazing - I hope you'll be displaying this on a mirror.
  12. Thank you, that’s very much appreciated!
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