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Hi guys, I'm finally able to get my fix...I'm back on da forum(s). As reported earlier by Phantomdriver of late my health issues have not been favorable and in the very near future I have an early morning appt with a surgeon and his trusty, hopefully not rusty scalpel :crying:, I'm at a standstill with one form of cancer and in a tooth and nail battle with another as told earlier. I don't like discussing medical issues in open forum there's enough sadness and bad news everywhere else no need to bring it here and mess up things with depressing topics; so hopefully this will be it as far as that goes, should it all go good that would be fine to tell it's good news and may help someone else who may go thru the same; however the rumours of my demise have been or may;; have been greatly exaggerated I'm alive and KICKIN' so ya ain't rid of me yet....hope I didn't ruin someones day :rolleyes: . Lately my git up n go has got up and gone due to either the illness or the treatments and procedures for it...so if I'm not seen to often ya know why....Have fun ya buncha misfits and


HAPPY MODELING and keep manglin plastic.

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