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F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

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Hi all there!


I'm officially starting a new work...The Voodoo!









A few words about the 72  Revell kit:

It dates back to 1991 and some say it's based on the 48 Monogram.

It presents engraved surface detail that is fine but not always accurate.  

It's overall correct in shape in my opinion but suffers of some simplifications and inaccuracies.

The interior detail is a good basis for those -me being the first- who want to add a personal touch.

Even if it cannot compete in details with more recent kits it can be turned out into a good and sweet replica.


Going back to the inaccuracies, the first one i noticed were the vents on the engine nacelles.

In particular those on the right side were represented specularly identical to the ones on the left side.

That's incorrect! The Vodoo had different shaped vents on right and left: on the left side the main vent was circular while on the right side it was rectangular.


So starting point has been fixing that. With lot of patience I scratch built the new vent and since I was working on that area I take the occasion to add some detail, to correct and improve the other vents:







Now I'm wondering whether to start from cockpit or from engine exhausts the latter attracting my attention much for the fact they are quite spartans to be gentle and need a special effort to be turned out into something cool!


Hope to have gained your curiosity...







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Hi all,


I'm glad for your interest on this modelling subject. Hope to give you some useful info while building it.


Voodoo has a particular fashination to me. It's huge and massive and even if not truly good looking (at least not for all. For me it's always a beautiful sight) surely transmits to the observer a sense of power and supremacy.

I think the success of the following McDonnell project -the phabolous F-4 Phantom- together with the limitations due to the now well known problems of coupling inertia and super stall has shadowed its career and made us forgetting about it soon.

Also its fixed (interceptor) combat role and poor armament (poor in terms of number of missiles. Don't forget it could carry two nuclear warhead missiles!) have played their role in this process of obliteration.


Leaving these consideration to the public discussion, let's switch to the building.


I took my own decision and started from the burner cans a resin set for the cockpit being on travel...

The parts involved are those in the following picture:




The inner detail of the afterburner is good and moreover very close to the real thing.

The exterior is also acceptable and with little cleaning a precise assembly and some scribing could do its job very well.

The problems come with the terminal part which is really bad in and out.




So after some considerations about what a fast build means to me! I took the decision of eliminating all the inner detail and to recontour the exterior.

In the end it has been a good idea but now I have to scratch the interior!






A resin set for exhausts would be appreciable even if I belive there would be little market due to the unpopular subject.


While writing the main job is done and later I would be able to post a dry fit picture showing the assembly.


Thank you for showing interest



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Thank You for showing interest!


Not a great update tonight...


I started carving the inner of the exhausts:






I had to use some putty... I didn't get the result at the first shot!


In the mean time I got the Pavla set for cockpit and a pitot tube from Master.




A side note: True detail ejection seats are identical to the Pavla one.

Disappointing because at a first glance on the web I thought the True detail were superior!


Positive side is that I'll have a couple for another Vodoo! Or maybe for two single seaters?


Hope to have better progresses to post soon..

Good night!



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Nice subject! I am going even further back in time and inaccuracy.I just picked up the

old 1/72 Hasegawa RF-101C. I'll definitely be watching your build with interest.---John


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Oh, yes, I definitely recommend the Pavla set. Really brought mine up a treat! :) 

Other than the markings this is a strange parallel; never figured on seeing someone else do the same kit with the same cockpit and the same pitot in the same year seeing as it's not a Tomcat or Viper.... 

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Thank You for your messages...


Just a drop in the sea today.


Started to detail the interior of the cans:








The Voodoo had two positions exhausts as you can easily see in the following retouched photo:




The closed position could be represented more easily while the opened would require more and more details to be added...

that's a dilemma.... like "to be or not to be":

....to be on this kit for 2 months os to be for 2 years? That's the question!


What would You prefer?




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Hi modelers!


In the end opted for closed position.

After making some geometry exercises I got all the main elements of the exhaust.

Now just the smaller details -actuators and inner reinforcements- are missing.

The process in synthesis:










I really hope to close this phase soon because in my intentions this should have been a fast work and is starting to bee too demanding for a joyful build!


Good night! In Italy is 3.33 am! You know what I mean?


Thank You for watching


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I just came across this build thread, superior subject although I am bias, having the chance to maintain this aircraft. That exhaust work is fantastic. It has a roomy cockpit compared to many fighter aircraft of that era.


Following with great interest.

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Thank You Craig, thank You Peter.


Craig: you're very lucky to have worked around such magnificent bird!



I've added some more interior detail tonight.

One nozzle is nearly complete and is shown here.

I decided not to add details on the exterior of the movable plates other than the little leverages connecting these to the inner ring.

These are the last missing things to produce together with a little spoiler which was located on a single plate to deflect engine blast away from tail.









Next planned activity is going to be some scribing and riveting on the exterior.

And then I think I can paint at least the interior of the exhaust!


Slow but still moving!!!

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