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Going to try Testors ELO paint stripper because...

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Hi Guys,


Just wanted to vent a bit.  Last weekend, after several years of on and off work, my Roden 1/144 C-124C was about to receive it's coat of natural metal paint so I could maybe finally finish this kit.  I sprayed it with rattle-can Rust-Oleum gloss black.  I let it dry for about 18 hours, wet sanded it, and polished it back up.






Next I broke out the Tamiya Silver Leaf rattle-can and sprayed the model.  Then this happened 😞










The only thing I can think of is that I didn't let the black paint dry long enough??  Or did the Rust-Oleum have a bad reaction to the Tamiya paint?


I really don't want to trash this kit so I'm going to try Testers ELO paint remover for the first time.  I ordered a can off of eBay and I hope to strip this next weekend...  I'll report back once I give it a try...


Thanks for letting me vent.  I was very bummed about this but I'm not ready to throw this model out just yet!





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Light layers of lacquer paint over fully cured enamel is OK.  For example, Alclad Gloss Black Base is enamel, but Alclad metallic paints are lacquer and designed to be airbrushed over the enamel black base without any issue.  However, as Bob mentioned above, dumping tons of lacquer from the rattle can over an enamel base is a recipe for disaster.  Also, enamel takes a long time to dry, at least 24 hours.  It takes even longer for it to cure.  I would give it at least 48 hours before spraying the metallic coat.

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Once you get it stripped, use Tamiya Fine White Primer in the rattle can. Then shoot the rattle can Silver Leaf over that....carefully!! You do not need a polished black base for that color. Considering that it is a rattle can application, there will be so much Silver Leaf over the black that it will negate any benefit from the black.



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