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New kit announcement from FineMolds today:


Product number FP48 Air Self-Defense Force F-2A fighter
Suggested retail price 3,740 yen including tax (3,400 yen for the main unit)
New product scheduled to be released in February 2022















Apart from plastic parts there is the usual FineMolds turned brass pitot tube and AOA sensors.




For the ejection seats the NaNo series offers imjection moulded straps as well for the kit.



Best regards


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Just when I bought a couple more of Hasegawa kits. The Hasegawa one is still a good kit with A and B versions in the same box in 1/72 scale. Got a few incorrect panels and limited riveting compared to the FM CADs. Lacks the niceties of modern kits like full intake trunks and better detailing in the cockpit and other areas. Can't see if FM has a full intake trunk from the CAD images, but I hope so. OTOH for a bit more than the price of a single FM kit I can buy 2 Hasegawa white box, hmmm...

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Hmm.. to me it's an odd choice other than to drum up local support from Japanese modelers.  The Hasegawa kit is very good in my opinion and is a direct competitor, particularly since the Hase kit includes a full anti-ship & air-to-air weapons load. 


If FM were to distinguish this release, maybe they'd make it with dropped slats & flaps.  Maybe pilot figures too.  Though in FM's favour, and judging by how well detailed their Phantoms are, this F-2 kit will probably have great engine, wheelbay & cockpit details.  I hope they don't forget the unique "Samurai Horns" on the ejector seats since Hase doesn't have them




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59 minutes ago, JackMan said:

Hmm.. to me it's an odd choice other than to drum up local support from Japanese modelers. 

After all it is a Japanese company and it could not be held against them to make a copy of a Japanese aircraft type. 

All model companies in a way nationalistic and apart from usual universal subjects do make many which are for local consumption mainly. Look at some of the Czech subjects of Eduard, Russian kits at Zvezda, Heller with French aircraft or Airfix with brit subjects . . . The line of examples is endless. Why should FineMolds be different???


Will there be a competition with the Hase kit? Sure! But same competition is there with the F-14 or the Phantom kits and still both companies are doing OK. The winning side in this competition are the modellers who have a wider choice both in details, buildability, need for extras . . .  or the price for a value. Everyone have a choice!


Is this the end of a line of Phantom kits from FineMolds? Dont think so. Give them time and more will follow! For the moment I am convinced that they want to make as much as possible out of the investment they originally made with design of the Phantoms. 


There is absolutely no harm in releasing or re-releasing the "good old" F-4EJ versions with new decals. They did sell well in the past year (sold out in minutes in some cases) so I would not be afraid that FineMolds warehouse will be full of unsold kits.


If FineMolds follows the same principles (why shouldn't they?) as set forward in the Phantom kit, so that it is an easy and fast build with no hanging bits on it, then I would not expect any deployed flaps or other surfaces on the F-2 kit. 


Best regards


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13 hours ago, Inquisitor said:

The Hasegawa one is still a good kit with A and B versions in the same box in 1/72 scale. 

Will be interesting to see if FM will eventually produce a B model. I assume yes, unlike the Tamiya F-16B hesitance. If no FM F-2B materializes, I'll be looking forward to conversions done using the Hasegawa B model fuselage top. 



Jackman said: If FM were to distinguish this release, maybe ... .

Maybe parts for both the A and B model? Of course Gabor will point out that option will not optimize FM profits in the Japanese market.


Gene K

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