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  1. S&H is additional, US only, paypal only, please contact me directly at hollym202@gmail.com I'm in NJ. TIA Mario Academy Ilyushin Il-2M, $15 Airfix new molds Bristol Blenheim Mk.I, $19 AML Fiat G.50bis, $19 Dakoplast Yak-9D, long time oop, $15 Eduard weekend edition FW-190F-8, $14 Eduard 7066 Profipack Lavochkin La-7, $13 ICM 72071 Polikarpov I-16 type 24, $5 Tamiya DH Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II, $19 Valom Yak-7V, from excellent Dakoplast molds, $15
  2. S&H is additional, US only, paypal only, please contact me directly at hollym202@gmail.com I'm in NJ. TIA Mario 1/48 Fine Molds FA-11 Nakajima Ki-43-III Kou “Oscar”, $22 Fine Molds FB14 Kawasaki Ki-10-II type 95 “ Perry”, $25 1/72 Aoshima Focke-Wulf Ta 152 H-1, $15 Arma Hobby 72008 Yakovlev Yak-1B, $10 AMP 72008 Sikorsky H-5G Dragonfly, some canopy masks applied, $12 Choroszy resin Kawasaki Otsu-1/Salmson 2-A2, $20 Eduard 2138 Hurricane Mk.I “Hurristory” dual combo, $28
  3. Nice build, however, there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD any Zero at Pearl Harbor would have weathered this way: 1. all Zeros at PH were almost new (several months) and well maintained while training for the mission 2. even several months after PH paint finish would have been fairly intact thanks to red oxide primer and high quality, glossy, factory-applied amber grey (J3 SP). Yes, it would have faded a bit (more green-grayish) and more dull, but NO bare metal shown. Misunderstanding of painting of the Japanese WWII aircraft remains colossal, sadly.
  4. It's crystal clear that you hold very personal grudge against Eduard and Vladimir Sulc in particular. Do they owe you money? Did they beat you up? If not why in the world would you care what they say and/or do? If you really must just simply publish how to correct their mistakes but please quit that sarcasm and attacks that have become a ridiculous beating of the dead horse. If that is not enough for you become Eduard's share holder, then you'll have a word (maybe). Or best of all start your own company.
  5. S&H is additional, US only, paypal only, please contact me at hollym202@gmail.com I'm in NYC. Mario 1. Hasegawa E-15 Mitsubishi F-2A/B, $22 2. Hasegawa 00842, Mitsubishi F-2A & F-2B Special Paint 2006, double kit, very rare, oop, $49
  6. All boxes were opened but contents is sealed and complete. Shipping & handling is additional, US only, paypal only. Please contact me at hollym202@gmail.com AFV Club Tiger I early, $27 Bandai/Fuman, Wespe 105 mm, $34 Tamiya Pzkpfw. 38(t) ausf.E/F, $20 Tamiya Marder III ausf.M, $29 Tamiya Marder III, $29 Tamiya Sdkfz.222, $28
  7. But on the contrary, they do want to continue with 1/72 kits. They did say so and have been releasing them, just no that fast (and they said that too). Some folks seem to have personal issues with them and make it look as if Eduard is being dishonest or misleading modeling community.
  8. What is it so difficult to understand that Eduard is a small company with limited capacity? They simply cannot release many new 1/72 kits so they had to focus on something which is 1/48 scale since obviously it sells better, probably much better. Otherwise they would have to expand. There was some talk about it but obviously it's expensive and not quick and easy to do.
  9. This is why I cannot stand these machine translations, they cannot possibly capture the fine points and "character" of the language. "Chtvrtek" (phonetically) in Czech means Thursday. In modelers' community, "shtvrtka" means "quarter scale" i.e. 1/48.
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