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  1. All were used to airbrush a sample, RC303 and RC304 to paint one 1/72 scale single-engine kit. Very little thinner was used. $1.25 per bottle of paint $8 for bottle of thinner US only, prefer to sell the whole set. S&H is additional, paypal preferred, please contact me directly at mhollly_27@hotmail.com I'm in NYC. RC302, IJN J3 HAI IRO (GREY) RC303, IJN J3 SP (AMBER GREY) RC304, IJN D1 DEEP GREEN BLACK RC305, IJN D2 GREEN BLACK RC306, IJN M3 MITSUBISHI INTERIOR GREEN RC307, IJN M3 NAKAJIMA INTERIOR GREEN RC328, IJA HARYOKUSHOKU (GREY GREEN) RC329, IJA HAIRANSHOKU (GRAY INDIGO) RC330, IJA OHRYOKU NANA GO SHOKU (OLIVE BROWN) RC331, IJA MIDORI IRO (GREEN) RC332, IJA AO MIDORI IRO (BLUE GREEN) RC333, IJA KI MIDORI IRO (YELLOW GREEN) RC334, IJA KAREKUSA IRO (DRY GRASS COLOR) RC335, IJA CHA KASSHOKU (TEA COLOR) RC702, HIGH COMPATIBILITY THINNER, 400ML
  2. please contact me directly at mholly_27@hotmail.com I'm in NYC TIA Mario
  3. Can trade from my sale list posted here. Please contact me directly at mholly_27@hotmail.com I'm in NYC. TIA
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