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"(Columbia) PC<50" Revell 1/144 Build

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I'm calling this one done at this point. This was about 8-10 months of work. 

It's a 1/144 Revell full stack build. For the record - I'm sticking with Airfix for any future 1/144 stack builds. Granted it was some 8-10 months ago, but I'm never modifying one of those Revell ET's again.

Anyway, I wanted to do something more than the standard shuttle stack on the pad display. 
This was inspired in great deal by a artist's print I've had for the longest time, and is one of favorites renditions: It's called "Separation Complete...The Cycle Continues" by renowned aerospace artist Mark Waki. 
This build uses a combination of NewWare full stack mods, along with a couple of custom mods I fabbed up myself. Can't say I recall all of them at this point, but if you happen to catch any, I'm happy to share what I may have done. Was hoping to do something more with the SSME exhaust, but I struggled with how best to excute the idea had, and it likely would've been too distracting in the end.
Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking. Pretty pleased on how this one turned out in the end.
 On to my next build: a 1/100 on-orbit bulid of Endeavour on STS-88.











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