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1:48 EF-4C Phantom II (Tamiya Conversion)

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This pod is a whole another model by itself! What a model, indeed! It can easily go as 1/32. It kinda needs some very little subtle weathering, to my taste at least. Can't wait to see it on the plane.

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Hi, Rich, I'm just now catching up on your WIP thread.......all I can say is, Simply Amazing! The workmanship and attention to detail are second to none. Every time I see your work, I'm blown away. I really hope we get to see the phantom phinished one day: It'll be nothing short of amazing.




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Posted (edited)

@Thadeus@my favs are F`s@wardog, thanks very much for your kind comments! 

@my favs are F`s: I agree with you that the pod looks too pristine. I plan to give it a "lightly used" look.


I’m adding a couple pictures to show where the pod will mount to the airframe. More work lies ahead for the adapter: basically a bomb rack form fitted to the AIM-7 missile recess and angled so as to position the ECM pod parallel to the jet’s longitudinal axis.




After more than a year’s time, I’m still not finished with the external ordnance! Work is well underway though on the inboard pylons and their stores. 





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On 5/11/2024 at 12:35 AM, RichB63 said:

After more than a year’s time, I’m still not finished  ... .


Have you had time out of that hot sun to perform any more magic on this beauty?


Gene K


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