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  1. Come on! Every plane is pre-shaded! This picture must be retouched.......😋
  2. Hello, sorry for "killing" your dreams, but this is a regular F-4D with the so called "hard-wing"! The hard wing has trailing edge and leading edge flaps as seen on the pics you posted. You can find the slated wing on the F-4E/F/G and in a slightly different version on the F-4S. There also were a few late RF-4E's with slated wings. Very early F-4E's (and the Japanese F-4E's...) still had the leading edge flaps. This is just the short explanation of the F-4 "wing-story"..... Best regards, Jens
  3. Are this seat and pilot right also for the MiG-29? http://www.aires.cz/en/product/soviet-fighter-pilot-with-ejection-seat-for-su-27-flanker/0-2842/ If I remember correctly I somewhere read that there are slight differences between the K-36DM for the Su-27 and the MiG-29? Best regards, Jens
  4. Yes, legitimate question! I was/am hoping that Barracuda releases a set for the ICM (and Revell) kit! MoFo seems to know more.... I'm looking forward! Best regards, Jens
  5. Yep, that is an awesome build!! Very convincing, slightly faded finish and I especially like the wear on the rotor ant tail rotor!! Best regards, Jens
  6. Thanks gents! The book "World's Fastest Single-Engine Jet Aircraft" is ordered and i have the "Wings of Fame" publication since years And thanks for the advise with the Meng-kit! It looks to be a excellent kit! I'm somewhat afflicted to my one scale . But maybe it's time for a extension to the smaller scale (now, when my eyes getting worse and worse ). I know a friend of mine owes the Meng F-102, maybe he also has the Delta Dart? A telefon call is long overdue (not just because of the F-106.....) Thanks again for the help and best regards, Jens
  7. Hello gentlemen, thanks a lot for your replies! The Detail & Scale publication is unfortunately of no value redarding my questions! Jari, I know that F-106 site and browsed a lot around! But I didn't come up with the idea to look at the manuals There is a lot of information, thanks for the link! Murph, I was thinking that the NACA-inlets were connected to the gun installation, thanks for the confirmation! I was afraid that the early Delta Dart didn't get the tape instruments - pah, building up a new IP is a cakewalk... And thanks for the book-recommendation, my fingers are circling over the "order" button! Does anybody know if the Sqadron "In Action" and the Bunrindo "Famous Airplanes of the World" publications are worth the search and the money? I found a few more pictures of early F-106's and asume, that the heat exchanger air exit is more or less a triangular cutout in the spine with a pipe conforming the shape of the spine and facing rearwards.... I hope my explanation is comprehensible..... Thanks again and best regards, Jens
  8. Maybe you find some inspiration here (even if you are not doing a Desert Storm A-7): http://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/a-7.html
  9. Hello, since a few weeks I'm highly attracted by my Trumpeter F-106! Unfortunately I want to build an "early" F-106 without the air refueling receptacle - so there's some extra work.... When the F-106 got their air refueling equipment, the heat exchanger air exit was incorporated directly in front of the air refueling ramp (where the hinges for the ramp are). Before the installation of the air refueling equipment took place the air exit was at the same location, but now I can't find any good pictures or drawings of the heat exchanger air exit on this panel?! Some of the F-106 have on their inner weapon bay doors two small NACA-inlets. I've seen this on later (or upgraded?) aircraft - is this associated with the installation of the Vulcan-gun? I found pictures of F-106's with the inlets but without gun (maybe the aircraft was able to carry the gun, but didn't at this time?). I think this NACA-intakes are not of importance for my early build, but anyway... The early Cockpit-layout of the Delta Dart was with round instruments. Beginning with BuNo. 58-0759 they installed new "vertical tape" instruments. My build will be a plane from the 57-build range. I've read that many but maybe not all F-106 were retrofitted with the new instruments?! Is there any source to check which aircraft was retrofitted? Hopefully the F-106 I want to build was retrofitted.... Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance and best regards, Jens
  10. Hello, I also agree with you and Jonathan. And thanks for the comparison! I like my stash of Hasegawa F-4's..... But I think it's just fine that everybody has its own priorities in regards to a model kit - shape, surface-detailing, ease of build, details, price, manufacturer...... There is no reason for a hassle and offences ! Best regards, Jens
  11. You can save doing the intake covers by doing the full length (seamless) intakes O.K. not an easy undertaking, but it's doable! XMM already realized a few more or less complex intakes - Draken, Etendard, Skyray.... Best regards, Jens
  12. onescale


    Agree!! Best regards, Jens
  13. Hello, got my copy from Yufei today and it looks excellent! Thanks for the very fast delivery (to Germany). I try to test-fit it to my Revell-kit tomorrow and compare it to the redesigned nose in the Revell-kit! Best regards, Jens
  14. Dave, I'm very sorry for hurting your feelings! This was not my intention! And there is no rant! I'm afraid you misinterpreted my comments?! Or I failed with my statements (English is not my native language)! As stated before, your A-4B is well done an looks the part!! Sorry again and best regards, Jens
  15. Hello Dave, there is no doubt that this conversion can be done! When you say you did it, you did it! (ten years back - before Hasegawa released the TA-4 - I converted an A-4E to a TA-4J using a Monogram OA-4M for the forward fuselage an canopy parts...) I just wanted to point out that it is not just a "sprue mixing thing"! Hasegawa released (at least?) four different fuselage: one for the A-4B/C, one for the A-4E/F, one for the A-4M and one for the TA-4. (They released a lot of boxings - aggressors, foreign users, etc....- each with one of these fuselage) For building an A-4B the way you did, at least the modifications I described in my previous post have to be done and you did a great job! Ah - and you are right, the IP for the A-4B is on sprue K! Best regards, Jens
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