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Word Game - will this catch on???

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As we were HOSTING a reception for fans of DOTTED PLIANT PETS, good SHOES are necessary to last the day.

. . . . Was the HOST called DOTTY? :monkeydance:

COMPLIANT PARENTS are hard to find even in comedy SHOWS....... :rofl: :rofl:

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No, but someone saw a GHOST which showed it's BOTTY giving rise to COMPLAINTS, PATENTLY SHOWN to be egregious.

.. .. .. .. GHOSTLY GOINGS on... :scared0016:

Mr BOTTOMS the COMPLAINANT who had PATENTED the PATTERNS was SHOWING off to the segregated audience . :threadworthlesswithoutpics:

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There are MOTTOS to be COMPILANT with when TAPENADE is offered. PLATTERS were FLOWING on the other side of the moon.

Stairway to Heaven

............ ...I wonder if MOTTY is COMPILING a TAPESTRY of aircrafts that we see here in his photographs of FLYING FOKKERS and other

awesome sounding warbirds.. :wub:

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He's MOSTLY COMPLETING models and articles. It'd be a TRAVESTY to miss them.

I keep giggling when trying to work with that Fokker of yours. :)/>

Now Grant,

THE MOTTLED crew were COMPARED to those TRAVELING FOLKS.{...FOLKS. ...you could have had that when playing with MY Fokker} :monkeydance:

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A nice brew of TEA, BOTTLED in a thermos to share with COMPADRES of the equilateral TRIANGLE.

Thank heaven for the insulated FLASK to stop me thinking about little Fokkers.

.. .. .. .. I am a TEETOTALER and no amount of BOTTLES with alcohol will break MY will..

COMPARE it to TRIANGULAR ANGLE and I think there will be much FLACK about the FOKKERS...


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My TEETH are in BATTLE order after my last dentist visit. The ORAL hygienist had my gums TINGLING, unable to GLEAN much of that CHALKY buildup. Not to put the MOCKERS on their billing tho'.

. .STREWTH mate!! :woot.gif:

Does anything taste BITTER :sign_spam:

The DORA was TIGHTLY fitted into the smallest hangar you Ever did see :jaw-dropping:

So you GLEANED information from the CHALKBOARDS.... Well that is MOCKING. us all. :wasntme:

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CRIKEY Mate! Bitter beer is BETTER.

Through the DOOR LIGHTLY skipped GLENDA with some CHARD, JOKING as always.


So you will

SETTLE for that will you Grant.

You FLOORED LINDA and GLENYS with those HARD JOKES.. :wasntme:

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The RECIPE called for three types of LETTUCE different COLORED leaf may DIAL up an appetite. However diving into the pool at that ANGLE was a RASH move for JOSIE.

Forget the RECIPES and come have a look at this PRECIPICE .. it is going LEVANTINE.

the COLORS of the DIAGRAMS are all ASKEW. I think Grant that you may have acted RASHLY trying to do all your work wearing JODHPURS :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:

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