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  1. Are the Popeye lite versions actually in service with the IAF? The Sufa book does not show one picture with them loaded.
  2. Hi chaps, looking for some close ups of the Exocet pylon for the mirage F1 :lol: Any help much appreciated, cheers
  3. What about "Have lite"? Is that in current use with the Sufa?
  4. Cockpit looks awesome, very clean!
  5. lovely! What did you use to gloss the aircraft?
  6. Wow awesome Kfir, fanastic job seeing it was converted from the old heller kit! :D
  7. Yes, its nearly finished. I will try to get some photos up soon , been very busy I have also decided to make my IIIE armed like this as I lost my Martel missile ;) ; http://pagesperso-orange.fr/aeromil-yf/M3E...43%202%20EH.jpg cheers
  8. Hello chaps, Titile explains most, which specific variant were used in the raid? I "think" time delay fuses were used to allow a little penetration before detonation but I'm not sure. Many thanks for any replies, Will. edit; Also did these F-16A's have the flare dispensers located at the fin base as in latter Netz's?
  9. Does anyone have any more news on this kit? :blink:
  10. alrite

    Mirage IV

    IV-A variant had black cockpits, anything later was switched to grey. Cheers
  11. Lol, don't know how I missed it's release, markings do look excellent though!
  12. I thought academy had not released the twin seat version yet, just the single seat boxing's C and A.
  13. The little camera window in the fuel pack looks awesome, how did you do it?
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