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  1. Don't worry, you're not on your own there. I have issues with my build as well. Keep hanging in there, the reward will be worth the effort that you have created so far. Sorry I have been busy the last couple of weeks. 1st week was work issues, second week needed a break from said work issues and family holiday time while my kids have school holidays.
  2. Don, Ideally its not the best solution for the Canadians, at the moment. but it maybe only one of many. and i am one of those bad BA personnel. Just on the Aussie side Brendon
  3. Thanks Tony, I figured out how to fix the alignment issue, glued the upper fuselage together first then work around the tail hook and afterburner cans and left the lower section unglued until I had the upper wings in potion.Then glued the wing sections together and now the rear fuselage sits in nicely against the wingroot
  4. Hi Don, I heard that our Classics are still going to be operational unitl 20/21 time frame. That being said, 3 SQN are going to be the first to transition to the F-35, that will release their Hornets to the pool to rotate between 77, 75 & 2 OCU, Then 2 OCU, will transfer to the lighting , then its either 75 or 77 SQN 's or vise versa. So I gather that they will keep the ones that are the better of the fleet flying then as soon as one goes U/S they will park it up. then offer the fleet up for sale. Its's interesting that the Kuwaiti's won't release theirs, from an
  5. How about release something different other than a 109 or F-14 for a change? I get it that its what sells, but for crying out loud how many more kits of one particular aircraft do we really need. Brendon
  6. Whilst I am awaiting the paint to dry on my Corsair, I would start on my 2nd build for the GB. With the transition to the F-4 Phantom II in 1964/1965, VMF-115, was re designated to VMFA-115, were deployed to Da Nang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam on October 14, 1965. During the Vietnam War. VMFA-115 flew more than 34,000 combat sorties, providing close air support for Marines during such battles as the Tet Offensive, Battle of Hue, Battle of Khe Sahn, and Task Force Delta. The squadron was awarded the Hanson Trophy in 1971 by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. In March 1971 VMFA
  7. TT. Most of our major defence procurement spending in the last 15 yrs, has come when the Australian Liberal Party has been in Government. We realized with our troop contribution in the sandbox and Afghanistan, we relied heavily onothers for our strategic airlift capability, just for example but your right we do have some neat equipment coming online, but i digress from the topic at hand That being said, there is a lot of people here thinking that the JSF is not the right choice for us, The Howard government at the time made that choice for us with out opening it up
  8. Thanks guys. TWS. VMF-115, Bu. 50007. I use Lifecolor acrylics, for the blues, not a lot of people like them, but I've had no issues with them. It's just a matter of preference.
  9. Don't worry, We Aussies have had our fair sharre of Defence procurment bungles as well. eg SH-2(G) Sea Sprite, Tiger ARH.
  10. Its been quite a while since I built this particular model... maybe about 20+ years ago. Is there any pointers with any areas of concern?
  11. Looks good so far Tony. While the Hasegawa kit is showing its age in tooling wise, you still get a decent representation of the Hornet.
  12. Decal progress has started. plus the obligatory thumb print in front of the fuel tank sealing tape Here is where I am at now. As there are no 1/72 decals available for this particular F4u, I will have paint the areas white, then make 1mm squares to form a checker pattern from tamiya tape.
  13. Welcome to the GB great start, love the paint chipping. Like your's, No 1/72 scale decals exist for my VMF-115 build so, I will be painting the extra details on, but I am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Brendon
  14. Canada are possibly looking at buying our classics... http://australianaviation.com.au/2017/09/canada-considering-raaf-classic-hornets/ Considering ours are a couple yrs Younger than yours, pretty good fatigue life in them as well.
  15. Looking good so far. Hopefully start the F-4 build this coming weekend
  16. Today's update. Intermediate Sea Blue applied and navy blue applied, a few touch ups are required but I am happy with the results for far. crits or comments are more than welcomed
  17. Here is the latest update on this build. I have been plugging away slowly with this, I been busy with work so my modeling time has been limited to bits here and there. With the fuselage all buttoned up, a few areas had filler applied and sanded and reapplied and primed.. and repeat the action With this all done It was ready for paint, black based with Tamiya NATO Black & painted wheel wells with Lifecolor interior Green. I then installed the belly window, I think managed to crack it when i was installing it . applied li
  18. Crack'n job.. The tail looks absolutely beautiful. I have the same issues with the 1/72 Hasegawa kit intakes as well.
  19. Hi SAU. Unfortunately VMF-225 - VMFA(AW)-225 don't qualify for this GB, due to there was a 19yr break after being deactivated in 1972 only to be reactivated back in 1991-
  20. Shawn, your're a machine mate. Looks great. well done. Brendon
  21. Here's where I am at the moment. Radial engine was painted with Tamiya NATO black, then was coated with Mr Color Dark Iron, once dried was lightly buffed then the recesses accented with a black pin wash. and the back, exhaust stacks pickout with burnt Iron Front office regards Brendon
  22. One thing I love about the USN / USMC, is love the of esprit de corps with colorful Sqn CDR's jets. I to look forward the build of this one.
  23. Nice choice. Looking forward to this build.
  24. Here is my first build for this group. Its going to represent 1 of VMF-115's corsairs during their Philippines Campaign
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