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  1. Igor011


    Not a perfect, with several issues, but only in 1/32 scale. I used various shades of alclad with home made decals. I used speed brake from eduard exterior set. Yugoslav air force, early fifties.
  2. Igor011

    Question for F-5 experten

    Is there any producer who make decals for RF-5E prototype?
  3. Igor011

    MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'

    Nice job!
  4. Igor011

    Mosquito Mk6

    MM paints with decals from various sources. YAF mossie from early fifties:
  5. Igor011

    Great Wall Hobby 1/48 T-33A "Late Type"

    So this one can be a late model?
  6. Igor011

    MiG-29 9-12

    Just prepare right amount of nerves, sandpaper and putty. Try to trim all to lower hull before touching upper hull.
  7. Igor011

    MiG-29 9-12

    Maybe....but not so good as in previous, original....gray/ gray green.
  8. Igor011

    MiG-29 9-12

    9-12 from GWH in 1/48 scale, painted with AKAN paints, Begemot decals.
  9. Igor011

    Tank A 1/35

    "Tank A" was first yugoslav attempt to produce a tank in 1949. Shortage of nickel in steel reduced quality of armour plates. Project, based on T-34/85, wasn't so successful, so after five protypes, production stalled. I used Condor 4 resin conversion toghether with Dragon T-34/85. Just added friul metal tracks. Painted with Akan paints.
  10. Igor011

    Yak-28 missing sprue

    Already send several mails to them too...without answer.
  11. Igor011

    Yak-28 missing sprue

    Good day. Some times ago I bought yak-28 from Bobcat. One sprue is missing in box. Did anybody have experiences with their customer service, if they have it. I send several mails to adress that is written on the box. So far, without response.
  12. Igor011

    Yakovlev Yak-21

  13. Need decals for BR-20 from spanish civil war in 1/48 scale. Willing to give in excange decals from Special Hobby box ( Italian A.F) TIA