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  1. Upgraded serbian 9-12 and 9-13 https://imgur.com/SpVQLqq https://imgur.com/D7Xsqod https://imgur.com/bSfnqfX https://imgur.com/5ro5Y18
  2. Bristol Blenheim 1 produced under licence in Kingdom of Yugoslavia. I just made few small modifications. Eduard PE interior. Airfix 1/48
  3. Great job! Congratulations.
  4. Igor011


    Not a perfect, with several issues, but only in 1/32 scale. I used various shades of alclad with home made decals. I used speed brake from eduard exterior set. Yugoslav air force, early fifties.
  5. Is there any producer who make decals for RF-5E prototype?
  6. MM paints with decals from various sources. YAF mossie from early fifties:
  7. Just prepare right amount of nerves, sandpaper and putty. Try to trim all to lower hull before touching upper hull.
  8. Maybe....but not so good as in previous, original....gray/ gray green.
  9. 9-12 from GWH in 1/48 scale, painted with AKAN paints, Begemot decals.
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