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  1. I would like to say "Thank you" and my sons really need to thank you! We went by our local Hobby Lobby last night and they thought it was Christmas. We picked up 2 x Academy 1/72 F-4J, 3 x Hobby Boss 1/48 UH-1C (family group build), AMT 1/25 Batwing, Hobby Boss 1/72 P-38, 2 x Hobby Boss 1/48 M4A3, and Hobby Boss 1/48 M4A3E8. I'd like to say this should keep them busy for the summer but for them it's probably a couple of weekends. Thanks for posting that they were doing the sale. Rodney
  2. Wow. I thought those Tamiya F-16s would be gone by now. Rodney
  3. Thanks for posting the video. It's easier to follow your scratch building in a video than in a series of pictures. I look forward to seeing the next video. Rodney
  4. The good news is that PayPal refunded my money today. Hopefully, nobody else lost money to this person. Rodney
  5. It is a shame. He said he accidentally sold the kit I paid for to somebody else and would refund my money. Looks like I’ll have to file through PayPal. Sorry to those of of you who paid via other means.
  6. Said he is going to refund my payment in PayPal but haven't seen it yet.... Rodney
  7. Has anybody received the kit they paid for or received a tracking number? I'm starting the dispute process through PayPal since I've received neither. Rodney
  8. Sorry you were so sick. Can you send me the tracking number after you’ve mailed the kit. Thank you.
  9. I paid via good and services. So, I can file in about a week if I don't hear anything. Rodney
  10. No. I sent payment about two weeks ago and have heard nothing since.... Rodney
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