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  1. Did you sell to somebody else? I was waiting for your PayPal info. Rodney
  2. Dave’s a great seller and my kits arrived with no issues. Tempting me to look again. The link is not working for me. Rodney
  3. You had a good year. How was the Kittyhawk F-101 to build? Rodney
  4. I was looking for a quick build that would allow me to try masking markings. I've wanted to build this unique aircraft for years and seemed like a good way to kick start my modeling again. It's a good kit but me being me... still had to do a little clean up in places. The markings were cut on the Silhouette Cameo using Tamiya sheets. It didn't work out as well as I had hoped but was a decent first effort. I had to do some repair work in a few places. In frustration, I did use decals for the markings under the wings. Also, this was my first use of Hataka lacquer paints and did post shadi
  5. While it maybe cliche, my display case did not have a VF-84 F-4 yet. So, the ZM F-4J was my chance to rectify that oversight. I finished this kit over a year ago and realized I never posted pictures. So, I'm trying to remember what went into this build. I used the Phase Hangar intakes and resin wheels, can't remember if they were Royal Resin or Eduard. I used aftermarket decals from...... I really like the lines of the F-4 and wanted a closed cockpit. So, I dressed up the ejection seats with lead, wire and small pieces of evergreen. Mr Paint was used for exterior colors. We
  6. I'm really enjoying watching your paint process. Thanks for all the pictures showing the steps you are taking. Rodney
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