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  1. Says attachment available. Can you post the link? Rodney
  2. Thank you all. Rodney
  3. Thank you. The bottom on the intakes required super glue and scribing to force it all together. Otherwise, most of the kit was fine.
  4. Fantastic! I like the worn finish contrasting with the red. What ejection seats did you use? Will these be at the Pax museum? Rodney
  5. I haven't built the Kinetic one. If I do build another Kfir, I'll go that route. Rodney
  6. Hmmmm... I used the Mr. Paint IAF paint set. It came with two greens and I'll have to double check.
  7. Last summer, I finished the Tamiya F-14D 1/48. I delayed posting pictures because I was planning on purchasing a photo cube and camera to take better pictures but that hasn't happened yet. I used VF Decals for most the decals and Royale Resin wheels. Everything else is from the box, including using the Tamiya decals for the ejection seat straps. It is a great kit and was fun to put together and more fun to paint. Thanks, Rodney
  8. Last week, I finished the AMK 1/48 KFIR. The pitot is from Master Models and painted with Mr. Paint. The kit got good reviews but I seemed to have been challenged by it. I really did not like the multipart wheel wells and used quite a bit of super glue on the bottom of the intakes. The IAF symbols were masked and painted using the Silhouette Cameo. The other weak part are where the main gear connect to the wheel wells. One side has broken off several times due to it being a butt joint. There should be two landing lights but one went flying to the unknown when attempting to glue it on. In the end, I got it done and in the display case. Thanks, Rodney
  9. Wow.... just wow. I love the finish. Rodney
  10. Looking forward to following!!! I have the 23 & 27 to build. Rodney
  11. Good morning everybody. I'm working on the Eduard Bf 109G-6 and have a color question. I've looked at many pictures and other builds but can't find a consistent answer. What is the color under the leading edge slat and the fold area of the flap? Is this area RLM02 or the color of the top paint scheme? I've seen both on other modelers builds but can't find good picture documentation. I'm trying to attach an image to show the areas I'm asking about. Your inputs are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rodney
  12. Enjoying following your build. Great skills. Rodney
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