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  1. I'm really enjoying watching your paint process. Thanks for all the pictures showing the steps you are taking. Rodney
  2. I looked through my stash today. I thought that I had an extra kit but do not. Sorry, Rodney
  3. What kits do you have to trade?
  4. I’d like the Tamiya f-16 and eduard p-51. thanks
  5. Looking great. I bought the ZM early F-4E based on your build and started the ZM F-4J. The Phantom is a cool looking plane. Rodney
  6. Extremely nice! Great finish and weathering. What was your process for weather the wing sweep area? Rodney
  7. Fantastic!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your progress. Rodney
  8. Gabor - Thanks for helps GWH on this project. I can't wait to get a couple. Now, anybody want a Trumpeter Su-27UB??? Rodney
  9. Great start. Looking forward to your progress. Rodney
  10. Overall, awesome model. Really like the painting and weathering. Rodney
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