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  1. Thanks for the pics! The Yak is a nice lil plane!
  2. Thanks both, for your pictures! I saw DIscovery two weeks ago on my holidays, and what an amazing machine it is! It´s very different from Enterprise, with most of all of his tile burned from the reentries, meanwhile Enterprise was only a sort of flying mockup and it´s like a brand new car.
  3. Thanks 4 share it! U pushed me to buy the kit!
  4. Great livery on a nice widebody! Well done Mario! I´ll be looking forward for your work. Saludos!
  5. http://www.f-rsin.com/pages/collection/14036.html http://airliner-models.ru/index/pas/0-4 http://www.airliner-models.org/shop/pas/pas4001.jpg http://www.airliner-models.org/shop/pas/pas4002.jpg http://www.airliner-models.org/shop/ra/144ra01.jpg
  6. For the Yak 42, RusAir and F-Rsin, both in resin. For the Yak40, the russian shortrun OKB in styrene, and recently Pas models offered it in resin. I read some where that Pas and RusAir are from the same owner. The quality of their kits its great.
  7. That´s great! I have that color, but I never used before. I like the metallic shine. Thanks!
  8. Thanks CUPRAR, do u know in which paint brand?
  9. Congrats for that S7 Tup! I´m building that one since several months ago, but I used Model Master´s Sublime Green 2767 for the light green, but when dried up, I felt it was very greenish and by the pics in places like A.net, I saw that it needed to be a green more yellowish. I wonder, did u used Revell fluorescent yellow mixed with ur Humbrol Lime green and with what proportion mix? For the belly dark green, which colour did u chose? Thanks.
  10. Great work Vinny! Which colour did u apply to make the corogard? I like that.
  11. Very well done! Nice plane, nice livery and nice carrier! Great conversion work!
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