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  1. LDSModeller

    Latest "right" colors for AVG P-40B?

    As I stated to Space Tiger Hobbs in my post above, the P 40's and Hudsons were brought and paid for by British money. The expectation was that US manufactured aircraft would have RAF type colours albeit US manufactured ones. This Colour spec chart from DuPont, if you look at "Cockpit Light Green 71=036", really looks quite similar to the Lockhheed colours I posted above (from memory, Lockheed used Fullers paints) Regards Alan
  2. LDSModeller

    Latest "right" colors for AVG P-40B?

    I have AVG colour photos too and I can also see Duck Egg Blue. I would suggest having a read of the Posts in this link by a one Nick Millman, very well researched (he can be found on Britmodeller) and see what you think? http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/76155-american-volunteer-group-p-40-tomahawk-colours/page-2 Regards Alan
  3. LDSModeller

    Latest "right" colors for AVG P-40B?

    The Undercart legs would be silver, remember these are British ordered and British paid for aircraft NOT Lend Lease, so RAF colours (US manufactured versions) would be painted on by Curtiss Aerial - have a look at these http://www.p40warhawk.com/Models/Technical/P40%20%20plans%204.GIF In this diagram of the fin note the aerial attachment http://www.p40warhawk.com/Models/Technical/Tail/Fin.gif Regards Alan
  4. LDSModeller

    Latest "right" colors for AVG P-40B?

    If you are referring to the P 40B's supplied from RAF orders to the AVG, then the colours will be RAF TLS (Temperate Land Scheme)painted in Colours manufactured in the USA most probably DuPont For the outer camouflage it would be Dark Earth/Dark Green/Duck Egg Blue aka Sky Type S*. In December 1940 an AMO was issued by the British Air Ministry for the above colours* to be on British Produced Fighter aircraft and also " any American Aircraft" in British Air Forces service ( I can supply AMO number if you wish). seeing as the AVG aircraft were ordered by the British Ministry Aircraft Production (prior to the hand over) then certainly TLS Interestingly in early 1942 RNZAF/RAAF received P 40E-1's diverted from RAF orders (in the same above mentioned scheme) and this colour swatch from my collection shows what the above colours should look like. The lower colour is a Blue (very pale with greenish tinge) , As a side note the RNZAF P40E's arrived with Documents giving the DuPont colours including Roundel colours. And just in case some one tries to say the aircraft were repainted on arrival, that's nonsense https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Yff6LKWML1VS00MVFaR04ycjg/view?usp=sharing Model Master paints, the closest (depending on how fastidious you want to be) RAF Dark Earth (not quite the right colour - don't let people quote you FS Numbers, didn't exist in WWII) The Dark Green- more difficult, as the Green is more a "Black Green" closest I would suggest at a push, USAF Dark Green or RLM 71. For Duck Egg Blue MM4748 Duck Egg Blue As far as the cockpit colours I would advise the colours as in these photos from RNZAF Hudsons (again diverted from RAF orders ex USA) - note the Blue Green colour This would cover canopy frames also (Photos per permission of NR Mines) I can only suggest with some white added, MM 2135 Interior Blue Green or MM RAF Interior Green at a push (but note it's too grey) Wheel wells/interior (engine bay etc) Zinc Chromate Green - note the actual wheel well had liners (khaki would be my choice) From Life Magazine Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  5. LDSModeller

    Pacific Theater GB poll

    Early 2017 suits me for this group build, I have a number of types of aircraft I could enter with. Thanks/regards Alan
  6. LDSModeller

    Pacific GB proposal

    Bear in mind that while Pearl Harbour was December 7, across the International Date Line, Japan attacked at the same time, the British and Commonwealth Forces in Malaya/Singapore (Dec 8 1941). If a Pacific GB, then the start date would actually be September 3 1939, when the Commonwealth forces in the Pacific Australia/New Zealand declared war, and started to fight against German forces deployed there. The war against Japan did not start till December 7/8 1941. Points to ponder Regards Alan
  7. LDSModeller

    Aftermarket canopy for the Revell Corsair 1/32 ?

    This of any help? http://www.squadron.com/1-32-Squadron-Canopies-F4U-1A-D-Corsair-SQ9404-p/sq9404.htm Regards Alan
  8. LDSModeller

    A picture to bring back memories for Dad

    [quote A Sunderland was in the water at the dock, with some POWs doing some minor maintenance. Dad was in charge, standing on the wing supervising the operation, when one of the men dropped something overboard. He gave a smilie face, and made motions as if he wanted to dive into the water to get it back. Dad was then faced with one of the easier decisions of his RAF service: explain a lost piece of kit, or a lost prisoner. A shake of his head and a wave of his hand ended the situation in his favour! Things may not have gone so swimmingly for the Japanese POW had he dived off the Sunderland wing. I recall my Dad telling me of a time he had just finished working on the engine electrics of an RNZAF Sunderland at Lauthala Bay (Fiji), when he decided to take a dive off the wing into the water below to cool off. Just as he prepared to take the dive, a big dark shape slowly came into view in the water, He decided to avoid the swim :blink:/>/>/>/>/> The other thing is, that the braby your Dads Sunderland was moored in, could have been in shallower water...... (Sunderland V has a draft of 3 feet/1 metre) ouch!!!!! Thanks for sharing the photo. Regards Alan
  9. LDSModeller

    Kiwi A-4K

    The RNZAF began replacing the straight refuelling probe with the "Dog Leg" type around April 1973 and some if not all the fleet (A4K & TA4K) had them circa October 1973, when they were first used for Overseas flights. So that should date your photo some what to at least 1973. This link will help I think with markings etc. http://redkiwi.weebly.com/delivery-and-new-schemes.html Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  10. LDSModeller

    Kiwi A-4K

    Cool choice, its my understanding, that only those A4K's used in the Aerobatic team had the slats locked for safety reasons, rest of the fleet had them per normal. Look forward to some photos of your build :) Regards Alan
  11. LDSModeller

    Kiwi A-4K

    RNZAF A4K sounds awesome- I had thought about joining with a Kiwi Skyhawk, but just too much on the modelling plate right now :rolleyes:/> How "early" are you planing on building? Reason I ask is that for the first 7-8 months of their operational service with the RNZAF (May- Nov/Dec 1970), the "Kiwi" was not used in the roundel, the "Silver Fern" was. Looking forward to watching your build progress :D/> Regards Alan
  12. LDSModeller

    C-130H antenna

    RNZAF NZ7003 was literally the 3rd production "H" Model aircraft off the production line. NZ7001 & NZ7002 preceeded it as 1st and 2nd production "H" Models off the production line. NZ7001 was a test aircraft for the "H" series, flown in 1964 All three being delivered to RNZAF early 1965. NZ7004 & NZ7005 being delivered May 1967 The aerials on use on NZ7003 today are in the same place as they were 50 years ago. information on current updates to aircraft can be found here (note its a PDF). RNZAF C 130H Regards Alan
  13. LDSModeller

    Was South Vietnam pro West or pro America?

    New Zealand was also there with troops and aircraft. http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/war/vietnam-war Our brand new RNZAF C 130H's straight afer receipt in 1965, started flying into Vietnam in support of our troops, until when Saigon fell. Regards Alan
  14. LDSModeller

    GB Proposal: WWII Minor Air Forces

    I don't know that I would consider New Zealand a minor Air Force during WWII. We were and still are a small country but consider this. Europe, we had 485/486/487/488 Squadrons, also 75 Squadron, flying missions (488 squadron served firstly in the Pacific war in the defense of Malaya/Singapore, before reforming in Europe). 490 Squadron flew from West Africa (Catalina's/Sunderlands). In the Pacific the RNZAF was attached to the USN, fighting a long side, I don't know if one could consider fielding more than 400 F4U/FG-1 Corsairs minor, not to mention previous to that, close to 300 P 40's flying in the Pacific theatre (plus SBD's TBF's Hudsons/Ventura's squadrons etc). Like Australia and Canada, New Zealand also had men serving in numerous RAF/FAA squadrons over and above the above mentioned 400 series Article XV squadrons, so our contribution was not minor in any way. If you are going to exclude Australia and Canada, I think New Zealand would slot in there too Regards Alan
  15. Actually it is PR (or what ever you might like to term it) for them. WHY???? They have just shot down an Allied jet, even more so a US made jet (yes I know it was a Jordanian jet), one made by the the country they see as the great Satan. In their warped perspectives they have scored a PR coup, because now the World has to sit up and take notice. The PR they are gaining is this, we have SAMs and can now shoot you infidels down and we have one of your pilots to show for it. This PR gives them power WHY?? Because they now will think they are unbeatable. They may not have set out to have a PR programme. Now things are different. This type of un-calculated PR will give them the propaganda platform to garner more support from young Muslim people. We knew that this shoot down could happen and now it has, the IS will think that governments will start to think about the cost in inventory and man/women power, and get scared. This really is an unfortunate victory for them. We can only hope that the countries/governments who are actively engaged in the air strikes will not put their heads in the sand because of this (in the hope they go away), but be even more committed to sending these IS people a clear message, your days are numbered. Alternataively along with this, is that Allied SF's find the pilot's location, and make a rescue. A good way to say in your face and we are not scared of you. We can only wait and see.