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  1. Oh my! Can't wait see this finished. You have done splendid job
  2. Stunning details! Nice work!
  3. Hienoa duunia taas Jannelta! Looking good Janne!
  4. Oh, very very nice. Gotta love these 1:144 Revell's
  5. Oh yes. It comes live after paint. Great job! Keep it up.
  6. WOW...nice work! Question...do just put those extra bit randomly or do you have some kind of plan?
  7. Oh, very very nice paint job!
  8. Oh, Skyraider ❤️ one of my favorites. Hyvä Janne!
  9. Oh yes! Nice detailing. Can't wait to see this finished.
  10. Oh, nice start! Keep it up!
  11. Nope, they changed something, and we all should pay for hotlinking...I allready changed my photobank...
  12. Oh nice one. These 1:144 revells are quite good kits. Where did you buy those decals?
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