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  1. Very nice indeed, love those very late war ID patterns. Ian.
  2. Masterpiece of controlled airbrush work. Ian.
  3. Simply outstanding work. Ian.
  4. One of my favourite Monogram kits, possibly my very favourite. Fantastic job, would love to have that in my cabinet. Ian.
  5. Great minds thinking alike and all that - this is my version of the same thing from 2011 !! Ian.
  6. Superb work, really nice finish. Ian.
  7. Always admired your work, David. No exception with this one either. Beautifully done. Ian.
  8. Cooler than a Polar Bear wearing Wayfarers !! Ian.
  9. Thank you folks, I'm extremely grateful for the comments. Have to say I'm so pleased with it, that it's got a shelf all to itself in the cabinet, although that won't last too long, space is at a premium !! AFN, but next look-out for another USN build with yellow wings !! Ian.
  10. Beautifully done, the colour fading is perfect for a machine parked-out on the ramp somewhere dry and dusty. Ian.
  11. Good afternoon from a cold and damp Middle Earth. Well here t'is after eight months on-and-off the bench, my Hasegawa 1:48 Crusader. Now before I go-on, as I was editing the pics for size, I noticed that I've forgotten to add the IR Sensor on the front windscreen but I know where it is and I'll sort-it next time I'm in the 'cave' !! What can I tell you ?, well construction was no problem throughout although on this kit, some of the detail particularly around the dive-brake area was almost none-existant which I'm guessing points to over-use of the moulds. A few extras but not too many, the bu
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