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  1. Sprue shots are here on Modelversium. http://www.modellversium.de/kit/artikel.php?id=8948 C2j
  2. Stefan, I do not know the answer to "T9", but the markings may not be accurate. Southern Cross is owned by the Vintage Flying Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas and flew to Europe to participate in the D-Day commemorative last year. The aircraft is NOT a C-47 but actually served as a C-49J (passenger door, not cargo) as a paratroop trainer. Google "Southern Cross C-47" for additional information. C2j
  3. Ismael, Tell us more. This is such an interesting tidbit. Where is the airframe now? C2j
  4. One more picture I found while Google-surfing other things Vietnamese.
  5. Scalemates is your friend. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/3/9/111939-62-instructions.pdf This is a Revell boxing of the Monogram kit. C2j
  6. The N3N is the PT-17's bigger brother. As others have said nothing in common between the airframes so the PT-17 is NOT a starting point. Scalemates is your friend when searching kits. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/karaya-72005-naf-n3n-3-yellow-peril--134947 C2j
  7. Hey Dutch, What kind of time frame are you realistically working with to build the Chevy and Ford? I'm curious about your boxing of the Ford and if it has "glass". I know Atlantis got all four of these molds. At the 2019 Nats in Chattanooga I talked to the guy running Atlantis and he said they would all be re-poped. When I queried about "glass" he shrugged and suggested they could cut one new mold to do the "glass" for all four kits. I'm not holding my breath. Making the glass isn't hard, just time consuming. They are surprisingly good kits over-all. C2j
  8. Don't forget the Kenworth tractor and trailer , also from Revell. I have built all of these kits and amazed at the parts fit for kits from the 1950's. The real downside is no clear parts. I smash molded windshields for the Ford and Chevy. The White and Kenworth have flat windshields. All the other windows are flat. C2j
  9. Norbert, I have been continually amazed at the very high detail and quality of your products. Are you 3D scanning real models in appropriate dress or is this all computer generated. If you are 3d scanning, how much additional effort is needed to "clean up" the scans for printing? Thanks for allowing a peek into your work. C2j
  10. John, I'm unaware of any conversion in any scale for purchase. I have seen individuals that have done conversions by kitbashing the 1/48 Monogram "Huey Hog" with the ESCI UH-1D. I'm not aware of anybody doing it in 1/35. As to your second question, I do and don't understand it. 99% of people will Identify a 204, and UH-1A, B, C/M, E/L and P as "a Huey" i.e. you can take this 1/35 UH-1C kit and paint Air America colors on it and 99% of people wouldn't know the difference. To the 1%, it's grossly in error. I'd wager that real 204's were lighter than UH-1's as they had no armor or armament. I'm guessing the 204 had better performance than the UH-1B because of it's rotor system (longer rotor blades). Air America 204's appear to have pretty bare bones interiors. Remember too that the 204 was built under license by several other countries. Maybe this is where the "Super 204's" came from. Principle visual differences of the 204 v.s the UH-1: bell mouth air intake, rotor system and longer tail boom with baggage compartment. C2j
  11. John, There is a good bit of difference between the UH-1C and A Bell 204. I'm slowly working on a conversion of the 1/48 scale Monogram "UH-1C" to a 204. The conversion requires a longer tailboom and a different rotor system. There are pictures of surplus UH-1C's in civilian colors. Mostly in the heli-logging industry. C2j
  12. So, according to that video they go both directions! LOL !! C2j
  13. Photos of engine detailing in first post are visable. No other pictures show in the thread for me. C2j
  14. Scalemates is your best friend. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ Here are all the 1/72 scale Blackhawks https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=1%2F72+Sikorsky+H-60+Black+Hawk C2j
  15. Nice build and finish. With the camouflage it disappears into your workbench. C2j
  16. Really nice build and finish. The weathering is so good I got my hands dirty just looking at the pictures! C2j
  17. Calling Archer Fine Transfers...Are you listening? What an opportunity! Create a set of rivet decals specifically for this Mi-24 kit. Appropriate patterns just dip in water and apply. Voila!! A wart covered Hind end. This could / would work for other aircraft as well. Contact me by PM for the address to send my royalty checks to! LOL !! C2j
  18. AV O, Tell me (us) about the "runway" base. Is it home made or is it available for purchase somewhere? LOL ! seems to be a lot of airlines landing about 1000 ft short of the touchdown zone. 😄 👍 C2j
  19. Those were actually supposed to be floats like an oil rig. C2j
  20. Never trust a restoration - no matter who did it. Pictures have to be really small to upload. C2j
  21. If you have trouble with your deacls, here is the remedy... http://www.vintageflyerdecals.com/727.html C2j
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