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  1. really nice, love the added color of the rotor supports
  2. 100% agreed, you'd probably have better luck getting to the Grandhaven Station then taking a quick trip to Muskegon.
  3. good find! I have a ton of ol McAir stuff including sales/press folders for the F-15, F-18, AV8 and a lot of commercial and space stuff. edit added link to f-15 folder pics
  4. yup that one, looks like the opening is already there. Looks like a nice build, the gun stains are a little to stark for my taste.
  5. 1967 Boxing Revell 1/32 Sptifire More pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnmanny/albums/72157662331832681/page1/
  6. I used the kit decal GazzaS, a challenge but turned out ok.
  7. Great to see this built. As a kid this was the crown jewel in my collection.
  8. Nice job John, scary work but you did it smoothly.
  9. good deal! I may have been thinking of the box images which showed them open. Either way you're on the right track! I just finished mine 2 weeks ago, nice kit I must say. You going to do the Octopus Scheme or something different? If you are, bin the decals and use a mask!
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