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  1. Major conversion surgery to Hasegawa F-86F-30, using CE tail, Red Roos wing, Verlinden Cockpit, scratch built V- wind screen, CE Decals. Just have to finish the drop tanks. Tired of waiting for an early A model Sabre. John
  2. Here are a few collected over the years, still have a few more. Most were purchased pre-owned at various shows. Should be up scaled to 1/48. John
  3. It is the same kit, USAF designated the FB’s as G Models in 90-91. Some went to Cannon AFB (yuk) before the boneyard and Oz bought some to augment their C Models. If you want one better get it Hasegawa only re-pops a F-111 kit about every 5-8 years. You just need decals for a SAC FB. John
  4. The Red Roos Wing was a much easier route. I believe it is the Bill Scobie mastered wing. The V-windscreen is a tougher problem but I like mine better than the alternatives. I wish Tamiya would do an F-86 series in 32nd & 48th obviously an A -5 is high on my list. John
  5. I used the empennage & horizontal tail from the Cutting Edge F-86A conversion set, Red Roos Models narrow chord F-86 slatted wing, Verlinden cockpit set, & scratched the V-windscreen from an acrylic fingernail set with clear plastic & some Evergreen strips. Decals will be from Cutting Edge F-86A. It will be Eagleston’s Sabre before it was shot up by Nicolai Sutyatgin (Casey Jones). So the legend goes. John
  6. Markings and fiddly bits left on a soon to finish “First for 2020”. John
  7. I cut up a Tamiya F-16C and did WIPs for the whole build on ARC & Z5 years ago. Used the Hasegawa Sufa parts & scratchbuild some stuff. PhotoBucket ruins the pix, but they are still in the WIP archives. John
  8. Rattle can automotive lacquer primer surfacer. Find it for the lowest price wherever, usually I can prime 2 1/2 1/48 scale models from 1 can. About $4.00 a can. John
  9. Last one off the bench for 2019. John
  10. If everyone could stack their stash as one big vertical tower: what altitude could be reached? Sub-orbital? 🤣 Going to be a secondary market well into the 22nd century!🤣🤣🤣 John
  11. Raptor01

    F-86A Help

    Does anyone here have his drawing in actual 1/48 scale size. When I print this up it goes full page. Can I reduce this to 1/48 proportions to us as a template. There is a thread in years gone by that discussed this and I thought there was an actual 1/48 drawing of this image. TIA John
  12. Revell / Monogram Hawg is a nice kit and not a bad build with some forethought. Up to DS period it is pretty accurate. John
  13. 403 Forbidden since 2200 hr last night. John
  14. Shoot I am a low ARC # 23 or 26 and I would not want to moderate. I would probably stir it up, Lord knows how easy it is to wind you all up.🤣 Just go thru the last 249 pages.🤣🤣🤣 John
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