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  1. AB Charles & Son on West Liberty Ave. in Dormont during the 1970's was the best in the area. I think his son still operates after a few moves around the area. They had the best selection of kits & model railroad supplies. John
  2. Bill & Walts Hobby Shop, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Still have my Binks Wren A Airbrush purchased when I was 12 Yrs Old! John
  3. I have 12 HAS 1/72 Varks all versions, built the FB in 1989 when I was in the 509 BW at Pease AFB. I am currently working on a 1/48 FrankenBoss F-111E with Black Dog, Resikit, D-Mold and other upgrades. The F-111 has always been the USAF Bastard Child, no reason it should get any love in the modeling world. What I learned maintaining F-111 electronics for 17 Yrs. set me up life and I will buy every model & aftermarket piece released. John
  4. Thanks Jim, I will get one of Zacto’s on order. Nothing like a bunch of goodies from a TDY!πŸ˜‚ John
  5. Will do Jim, HB screwed up too many things, but I will have the resin to fix the most blatant. I think the weapons bay doors can be split and the inners not used because a second set of inner bay doors are on the frame. I will figure it out went I get to that point. Do you have a good pic of a travel pod? One of the old Hasegawa F-16 kits had the old napalm container style. I can't remember what we had on the Varks. John
  6. ResKit Cockpit set is by far the best available, but I chose to use Zactomodels seats as the molded details are better than the PE provided.
  7. Intakes fitted, gaps bridged with Milliput, curing then some MS 500 work to blend in and fine sanding.
  8. ResKit F-111E Cockpit Set, modified D-Mold TP II intakes with Black Dog Nose & Main Wheel Wells, & weapons bay. Intakes have been cut & new tubes scratched from thin sheet styrene to flex around main wheel well. Not 100% correct but the tubes on the intake are easier to fudge than fix the side walls of the main wheel well. The seam will be invisible after paint and the small step is deep enough and not noticeable. That's my fix so far. John
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hadn’t seen that Cal Worthington skit in years! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Humor from the Ghost of USAF Past, now you need permission from the USAF Office of Butthurtness!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thanks for bringing that one back! John
  10. Feeling bold? Try Richie's Plank Experience on Oculus Quest! 😝
  11. Mr. Paint MRP 278 & MRP 280, ModelMaster Neutral Gray FS36270 John
  12. Great kit, fit was very good. Couple of engineering burps, the vertical and horizontal tail could have been designed better, molding the upper and lower fuselage with the wings would have been better than separate wings. Overall no issues, modeling skills and patience to get a nice finish. John
  13. Let me re-phrase that Covid was born from Unicorn Fecal Matter that somehow ended up on Bat Wings in a Wuhan Wet Market.
  14. I am with Dave & Steve, my brothers! Two full books of International Certificates du Vaccines stamped on every page, don't even know what some of the older ones were anymore. Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease vaccinators are in for a surprise when they tell you this will be required annually for full protection and you will have to start paying for it. Nothing natural about this virus, sheeple can believe what they are told, I will take the vaccine when the government admits that is was weaponized manipulated bio-weapon engineered with US funding in a research laboratory desig
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