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  1. https://spraygunner.com/airbrush/gsi-creos-mr-airbrush/custom-0-18mm-airbrush.html If you want Iwata Custom Micron CM-C+ performance for 1/3 the price check out this deal. Got mine yesterday 2 Day Priority Shipped Free. SprayGunner is for real! Checkout the Mr. Color Paints for $3.00/Bottle. I am envisioning Wellenmuster Camo in my next build. John
  2. Raptor01

    1/48 ICM Ju 88 C-6 Day Fighter

    It is in the stash, from what I read, it goes together very well, the moldings are really nice. If they do the G series Dragon kits will be 2nd best. John
  3. Raptor01

    1/48 ICM Ju 88 C-6 Day Fighter

    Just a FYI, I bought the day fighter a while ago and was looking at The Modeling News preview of the soon to be released Ju 88 C-6b night fighter and noticed all the night fighter spurs are in the day fighter boxing. Only differences is in the decals, if you want a night fighter from the earlier boxing you will need night fighter decals and maybe the instruction drawings. Nice kits coming from ICM. JOhn
  4. Raptor01

    F-4F Norm 81A

    Something to keep your interest on the goal! John
  5. 1/48 REV/MON kit with Quickboost ACES II seat, Master GAU-8 gun tip, Xtradecal X48-006, scratched engine duct correction & twin AIM-9M launcher. John
  6. Raptor01

    F-35 news roundup

    There was a photo of a US F-35B on the elevator of the British Carrier Queen Elizabeth yesterday on Cybermodeler. The coating looks heavily weathered for a jet that probably has not spent much time at sea, if any. How well are these special Radar signature reducing coatings going to be with the amount of touch ups needed during a long cruise? Increase the ops tempo, war time, how effective will stealth remain? Nice modeling canvas for future F-35B & C models.🤣 John
  7. Raptor01

    F-111D Camo pattern

    Mountain Home Idaho F-111A’s scheme were a little different. They were the original A models from Harvest Reaper, Combat Lancer deployments to Vietnam. Colors are the same, pattern is a little different and I believe the only ones with a black anti-glare panel. I think the Cannon D models had a harder edge on the pattern like the Aussie C models, Upper Heyford E’s & Lakenheath F’s had a softer edge. SAC Dark Vark pattern had a soft edge. Funny enough I remember overspray and some grit in the paint in places, something you would not want on a model! 😂 John
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/cutting-edge-35-stealth-fighter-crashes-south-carolina/story%3fid=58152917
  9. Raptor01

    Question for Czech friends...

    I would have been Fly-n-hi 35yrs ago if Prague was open to tourism and the cold war was not happening. I'd be all over those models and I don't mean plastic, Czech girls, Czech beer, Ahhhh to be young again!
  10. Raptor01

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Still gonna make lots of $$$$$$$! John
  11. Raptor01

    F-111 related question

    I don’ t think Monogram did another version, only the EF-111A in 1/72. The old Airfix & Revell kits were basic and show their age now. ESCI did a 1/72 F-111 that was decent in the late 1980’s, scribed panel lines, but not up to the Hasegawa standard for detail. The HAS F-111 series holds up well for being a 30 yr old mold, it really is a well engineered kit and not as complicated as it looks, I built a Pease FB In 1990 and have collected about 10 more over the years of all versions but have been stuck in 1/48 scale for the past 20 years. They do get released from time to time but sell out pretty fast. If only we could get a decent 1/48 mold. John
  12. Raptor01

    F-111 related question

    In most instances yes, they were static with slats, flaps, down with wings spread and tail stabs at an angle. You would not be wrong to display one with wings swept back though, occasionally they were on the ramp or HAS that way too, but mostly wings forward. If you see a Hasegawa F-111 BUY IT! They are the best representation of the Vark. Monogram made a decent EF-111A, buy it too if you choose, but The Hasegawa F-111 series are the best! John ex F-111 avionics tech
  13. Raptor01

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Another substandard expensive kit for those who are satisfied with less. John
  14. Raptor01

    Revell Flying Saucer Model Recalled

    Anyone have a picture of Erich Hartman’s tulip nosed Haunebu II, White 1? This is the one I will build!🤣🤣 John
  15. Raptor01

    B-2 / Airshow questions

    It is pretty rare to see them in the same venue. I saw the BA & T-Birds in the same show at Pease AFB in 1988. That was cool in itself but the best show I recall seeing was one in England after Desert Storm, the BA, T-Birds, Frecci Tricolori, Patrolle de Swiss, & the Red Arrows. This was an awesome show. I remember the Swiss commentator constantly saying during the Patrolle de Swiss display: Flying the Hahka Hunta, a most beautiful aircraft to fly. Non-stop flying from 1000-1800 hrs. John