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  1. Awesome work here. The pilot somehow looks like Putin 😂
  2. Very nice painting and pictures. Interesting scheme, it looks to me like a modified Flogger scheme like the one applied to US Aggressor squadrons but with Brazilian roundels. Since we are in the Critique corner, note that the engine louvres on the side should be closed when the engine is off. Just a detail on an otherwise very nice model 😉
  3. Very clean build, love it !
  4. I get it now, thanks. I thought you used a sheet dedicated to stencils
  5. That's a very nice F-100 ! I am planning to buil a US F-100 soon and your WIP will help me for sure. BTW, what is the exact reference for your stencils ?
  6. Su-25 ! The Sukhoi 25 is used by several countries, all the possible schemes would definitely make it a good seller
  7. That works well, but I would suggest to add bakery release paper in-between ;)
  8. LOL, do like me and apply saliva from your fingertips.
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