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    So many !
  1. I can't wait to get one, or two, or three mayby Roadrunner, your X-wings are awsome !
  2. I'm so in a hurry to get this model ! You may add Egypt, Liban, Israel of course with the nesher and dagger. And I totally agree with you about the E fans ! It will be a success this kit !
  3. One day definitly, but don't know when, as like for so many of you, I have so many projects on my desk.
  4. Marvelous to see one in Canadians markings. My favorites with the belgium starfighters !
  5. Then I'm not the only one lol ! Very nice work on this model !
  6. Still 3 months to wait for it ! I will buy one... or two... or three and this will be the minimum ! It's such a graceful aircraft ! It's impressive to see that this fighter with an important history couldn't get a descent replica, I wish up to now ! I'm waiting for the HPM model too. I guess that it will be very good either !
  7. Very well done ! I bought my fourth F-14 yesterday at a local show, and I got extra decals with it for an agressor aircraft. This give me a very good idea, as I Paint by brush too ! It's very beautiful !
  8. Hello, You may try to cut carefully the film in extra which create the silvering. Nice work otherwise,
  9. I have the aeromaster decals to make this aircraft in a war time version. I lived a long time ago close to Toronto, and I loved going to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to see this Corsair before they sold it. I still have the mug. This is why I bought the decals when aeromaster released them. If I finish my french Corsair on time, I may begin this one too right after. Tony
  10. Hello, You make a really wonderful job on it. It's amazing the level of your scratch. When I was a student, I lived many years in Reims where the CR where based for a while, this is why I really like this aircraft ! A plus, Tony
  11. It seems to be a very nice kit ! You will be able to make something wonderful with it ! Tony
  12. The Pend Oreille models were made by a french man, living in the USA. Resin model I guess. I didn't know that he produced a F4U-7. It must be a collector by now.
  13. Hello, I would like to join you guys with an 1/48 F4U-7 from Revell which I began a while ago. I have done some works only on the cockpit and engine, and I will continue it as soon as I will finish my F-104, I wish by the end of march. It will be of course with french navy markings, certainly from a school squadron at the very end of the 50's. Tony
  14. The price is really good. It will help for the success of this kit ! I have so many in stock, but I guess that I will buy it when it will be release.
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