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  1. Actually none of Russian historians or documents hid the fact that the RR Nene was officially purchased from the British and copied as the RD-45. And yes, that was great achievement for country with industry laid in ruins after the war. It's so hard to resist pointing the finger at these ridiculously arrogant Russians, isn't it? Try to write this on Scalemodels, Gabor.
  2. I compared a lot of modellers paints with the original fs36375 color card. In terms of accuracy the best choice is Model Master Acrylic 4762. But I can't call the paint user-friendly.
  3. It's a mistake for sure. There were no F-86F in Korea in 1951. As for The Paper Tiger, it has slatted wings at the day Fisher scored his last kill.
  4. An example of painting instruction, just to close the discussion of which colors Russian VKS use. As you see we can use not only RAL but also FS color range. Sorry for the offtopic.
  5. OK then. I'm sure that you, from Wisconsin, know which paint we use here in Russia better than me. What would you say if I state America does not eat pizza because it's an Italian meal? Once again: the upper surfaces of the "eggplant" aircraft were/are painted RAL 7015. But you can continue to guess the right color by looking at photos.
  6. The eggplant scheme was introduced in 2011 by the then MoD Serdyukov (who tried to buy israeli UAVs, italian armored vehicles, french Mistrals etc) without any research of how effective it was. And according to the scheme aircrafts should be painted RAL 7015. Yes, we do have our own color range but we also can paint planes any colors a customer wants. So RAL palette is widely used here in Russia because of its availability and prevalence in the world. So planes were painted in RAL 7015, this is not my speculation but firm fact. To accept it or not to accept is your own decision.
  7. Actually RAL 7015 is pretty dark color. This is how it compares to Model Master FS 36118, for example.
  8. In fact RAL 7015 Slate Grey's used for upper surfaces of the Eggplant camouflage scheme. The paint is available from many paint manufacturers (automotive sprays for example). Hope this helps
  9. True, but externally Su-25M1 and Su-25K are identical. On the other hand Su-25SM (which is exclusively Russian AF's version) has quite noticeable differences.
  10. That's right, the decals're printed by Begemot.
  11. It happened because the 47th GRAP was deactivated and planes were transferred to other units.
  12. During WWII the whole 47th Borisovskiy and Pomeranskiy GRAP (Gvardeyskiy Razvedyvatel'nyy Aiatsionnyy Polk - Guards Recon Air Regiment) was decorated with two Orders of the Red Banner of Combat and the Suvorov Order. So in 2000 the Guards badge as well as images of the Orders were applied on all planes of the regiment. Additionally, some planes were named after the unit's airmen who had earned the Hero of the Soviet Union title.
  13. Actually, 39 stars for recon flights over Chechnia and 3 more for missions over Georgia in 2008.
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