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  1. Considering the problems you had the kit came out looking nice.
  2. Nice looking. Does the silly putty leave behind any type of residue that requires cleaning before any additional work or can you clear coat or decal over it without any issues? Dean
  3. A couple in-progress pics. The seat looks crooked but I think it's a combination of camera angle and shadow.
  4. The only reason I started using it was because you can't post directly here and PB was the one mentioned here. I'll try postimg.org. Thanks
  5. Thanks for getting the image up. I tried what you said in the prior posts. I must be using a different URL as I'm doing something wrong.
  6. I ended up having to open a flickr account. The image doesn't show hear but at least the link opens an image. Sorry to hear other's have problem's but glad it's not on my end. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Still trying to get a flickr image to show without a link.
  8. Not a posted image but close enough. Anyway, it's the kit and decals. I'm having trouble using photobucket so having to use flickr.
  9. I can't seem to upload pics to my photobucket account.When I drag the pic to the box nothing happens. The box isn't full and the file isn't too big. Anybody else having issues?
  10. Going to be built OOB. Except decals that I'll be getting from another kit. Not pics yet. I'm finishing up another project and should get started this weekend. Pics will follow progress. Dean
  11. Welcome back to the hobby. So, what kit did you get for Christmas?
  12. I'll be doing a 1/72 Hasagawa F4U-1A in NZ markings.
  13. Some of my old ones are gone. I'm not sure if it affected my post count as I never kept track of it.
  14. All nice works. Two comments. The bike looks real and your error with the sub would've gone unnoticed by me.
  15. Nice looking models. I have to make a specific comment on the Millenium Falcon. I bought that kit a few weeks back and was really impressed with the overall quality. It went together pretty well, however, yours looks better then mine. The weathering makes it a much better looking finish.
  16. Thanks for doing this. It gave me a chance to do some different type of modeling that I wouldn't have done before. Also I enjoy seeing other peoples work as I'm a huge Corsair fan. I'll keep checking and reply when it's my turn to choose. Thanks, Dean
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