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  1. PM sent for the Tamiya Spitfire Thanks Reuben San Antonio, TX
  2. Hey Bob doing good thanks how have been good I trust. Good to hear from you my friend!
  3. Yea I’m also got the exuse my boyfriend in the Stoney Lonesome ??
  4. Hey contacted me yesterday via email and apologized for the delay but he was in poor health and has been in and out of the hospital the last couple of weeks and he would be sending out all the kits that have been purchased. I stated that he needed to make a statement on all the boards that he listed on and explain his situation because he’s name is mud right now because of the lack of communication. Who knows? I appreciate the email but actions speaks louder than words, we’ll see?
  5. I’ll take the Hasegawa 1/32 F-104 and the 1/48 Hasegawa P-47 if their still available? Thanks Reuben reuben”dot”hernandez”at”swri”dot”com
  6. E-mail sent for the SBD, Avenger and the Fine Molds seat belt. Thanks Reuben
  7. No worries Marke life gets in the way sometimes. Glad you were able to sell off most of the kits. Reuben
  8. Got a replying stated that they were gonna send me a list but never got it? So I've moved on.
  9. What do you have in 32nd. scale WWII era? Not not much into modern stuff but I do like Freedom's XB-47B if you have that one in 48th.? Thanks
  10. That are reasonably priced. Eduard- Hellcat, Spitfire Hellcat kit is PENDING Tamiya- P-47M PENDING Hasegawa- P-40E PENDING Still looking for the Spitfire that's not the bubble top version. Thanks Reuben
  11. If you do decide to sale the kits outright I'll be more then happy to take the Freedom X-47B off your hands. Thanks Reuben San Antonio, TX
  12. Andrew, Sent you a PM about the payment for the Wingnut Sopwith Pup. Just checking to see if you received everything. Thanks Reuben San Antonio, TX.
  13. Interested in the F4-G Wild Weasel for $30 if it's still available please let me know, thanks Reuben San Antonio, TX, 78227
  14. PM sent about the Fw.190D-9 Thanks, Reuben San Antonio, TX.
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