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  1. Nice one, it looks Great Dutch
  2. It wouldn't be hard to scratch build them Don, I did so on my 1/72 E-3D when I realised the Airfix renditions were fiction.
  3. Trojan Thunder

    Orbital L-1011

    Not that this helps but Eastern Express are planning an L1011 with Pegasus release this year. I have an old Airfix kit for my Orbital build. I will build it as is and may make a few small tweaks to it.
  4. Nice work on the decals Dutch
  5. Trojan Thunder

    Minicraft 1/144 DC-3

    Very nice
  6. Trojan Thunder

    Some Inspiration

    All great builds there Pete!
  7. Trojan Thunder

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    Yes, Ark models has released one
  8. Trojan Thunder

    Ed Force One

    Try V1 Decals
  9. Trojan Thunder

    Ed Force One

    Hey Els, looking forward to seeing the finish pictures. Regarding other Iron Maiden jets, there have been at least 2 other decal sheets released for previous tours, they used a 757 then. You would have to source the kits and decals separately. I have the decal for the 2011 tour, there is also a decal for the 2008 tour.
  10. Trojan Thunder

    Amodel 1:72nd Bombardier CL600 & Yak 42D

    A 'nice work' from me as well Pete. I have the BPK boxing of the Challenger, RJ200 and their B737-200 but have yet to attempt them. Here is a build thread of the BPK Air Ambulance boxing of the kit. I have a few Amodel bizjets including the Falcon 50s. How did you find the build? I have a Learjet 65XL started but got in a bit of strife attaching the cockpit glazing. I should get back and finish it.
  11. Trojan Thunder

    Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

    I started this one the other day, but in my haste forgot to take any in progress shots. The build has progressed pretty fast, the kit is nicely engineered though I know it has issues. I will make a few easy corrections but not fix everything. I have modified the main gear struts to twin bogies, the wheels will come from a CH-53 kit's left overs. Not sure if I will attempt to add the forward observation windows. Some shots will be provided shortly.
  12. Trojan Thunder

    Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

    Thanks again, I looked at a lot of CH149 images during the build so I could correct some of the Italeri kit's fictitious features and did not notice the blade colour at all! I have a couple more Merlins to build so I will keep this in mind for both of them.
  13. Trojan Thunder

    Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

    Thanks, what shade of green, very dark? I assume all EH101/Merlins have dark green blades?
  14. Trojan Thunder

    Question About Mirror Printed Decal's from DEKL'S

    Brother Dutch, The searchlight was from a locally made P-3B conversion set which is now long OOP from Hamilton Hobbies.
  15. Trojan Thunder

    C-130 parts?

    No problems John, that is what this forum is all about. I have built 3 or 4 of the Italeri and Airfix/MPC Hercs with a few more to add to the collection 😄 .
  16. Trojan Thunder

    Question About Mirror Printed Decal's from DEKL'S

    Don, I used them on these builds. They settle well, you just lay the decal straight on the surface and slide the paper away. I used Microsol and Microset to help keep them down. I also have an Argentinian P-3B in work that I will be using DekLS on and another RAAF Anniversary AP-3.
  17. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 Convair C-131B, Texas ANG

    Thanks Derek, I will take a look
  18. Trojan Thunder

    C-130 parts?

    All C-130 wheels are the same. Considering that the Brengun wheels were most likely created for the Italeri kit which is supposed to be an E then you should have no issue using them on the older mould Airfix/MPC kit. Since the MPC engines are moulded to the wing (unlike the Italeri kit) some surgery would be required to replace them, it just depends on if you want to go to the effort. The MPC engines are pretty good shape wise compared to the shorter blobs the Italeri engines represent. The Heller kit is a re-pop of the Italeri mould, so the nacelle set you speak of would correct the kits short engine nacelles. A number of manufacturers have created corrected engines for the Italeri/Heller/Academy/later Airfix C-130 kit (all the same plastic). They include Flightpath, Arma Hobby (now issued by Brengun), Ron's Resin in Australia and another that I don't recall now. If you use the aftermarket engines on the Italeri/Heller kit then you need to bring the inboard engine mount on the wing back in line with the leading edge. This will bring all props into line (as per the real thing), otherwise, you will find the inboard engine prop line will be about 3mm ahead of the outboards.
  19. Trojan Thunder

    New Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk 1. 1:48

    Very nice work Nigel, you have achieved a lovely finish on your build!
  20. Trojan Thunder

    De Havilland Canada 1/72 DHC-4 Caribou prototype

    Still here nice work with the control surfaces
  21. Trojan Thunder

    747 Inspar decals

    Ash, I have a number of Liveries Inspar sheets and they don't come with instruction sheets. Best to use actual images of the wings to figure it out. Or you can Google other Liveries Unlimited B747 sheets, some of these other sheets reference the use of the inspar sheets. Here is the Tower Air 747 instruction sheet as an example
  22. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 Convair C-131B, Texas ANG

    Wow! looks great Derek, glad you persevered with it. I have Welsh model CV440 on the shelf of doom with self-inflicted paint issues. What is the Bondo Phil clear tape and resin method? Sounds like something I could do with me current 1/72 P-8A build
  23. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 Airfix QF-86E Sabre Drone, U.S. Army

    Nicely done Derek, it looks great!
  24. Trojan Thunder

    RAF Sentry AEW.1 8/23(R) Squadron

    This is a recently completed build. Its the Airfix 1/72 E-3D built almost OOB I did a few mods to the kit: - updated the antenna fit for a 2005 aircraft - reshaped the engine nacelle vortex generators - reshaped and repositioned the wing HF antenna mounts Decals were from the kit and 26 Decals for the anniversary markings.
  25. Trojan Thunder

    RAF Sentry AEW.1 8/23(R) Squadron

    Thanks guys!