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  1. Trojan Thunder

    707-27 - 707 and 727 mashup

    I am doing this all the time on some of my more difficult builds 😄 Nice progress Kurt
  2. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 Contrail HP-42

    Nice work, I would love to build one of these in 1/72
  3. Trojan Thunder

    A330 convertion?

    The only way to get an A330-200 is to cut up a Revell -300. It is not difficult. You can use the sections of the fuselage you cut out to reinforce the new joins. There will be some adjusting required and some filler . You can get a replacement tail from Braz Models, they do 2 versions. I am building my A330-200 as a KC-30 MRTT and plan to do a Hawaiian Airlines -200 as well one day.
  4. Trojan Thunder

    Kinetic C-17 - Any word?

    Last I heard is end of this year, they are obviously waiting for me to finish my Anigrand kit! 😄
  5. Trojan Thunder

    Anigrand 1/72 VC-10

    Wow, looks great Si
  6. Trojan Thunder

    RAAF Orions, AP-3C & TAP-3B

    This is a Hasegawa P-3C converted to a RAAF AP-3C using the Hamilton Hobbies conversion set as a basis and added extras that were not included. I also corrected some shapes of some of the supplied parts. It's finished in 10SQN markings from Aussie and DekLs sheets. I also recently completed a shelf of doom project as well, I converted another P-3C to P-3B specs and dropped it in RAAF markings. The RAAF called these Ex-USN Bravos TAB-3Bs. They had the ASW stations removed and replaced with airliner seating. Their role was as crew trainers and support aircraft for the remaining P-3C fleet. It is finished in the markings of 292SQN in markings from DekLs decals. My current RAAF P-3 collection
  7. So I have been working on this 'project on and off for the last few years. Some previous work in a thread here. Work has come a long way with interior work done but not finished. Along with tinkering in the back end... ...I decided to see how to tackle the engines and pylons. After an afternoon in the garage I have had some success. I glued one nacelle together and attacked the sides with files and sand paper to flatten them. Picture is not that good but shows a slight shape change from the unaltered nacelle. I found after flattening the sides not as much work will be required with the lower lip. I have added some putty to the inner intake lips to thicken them up after removing about 2mm of resin from each side. I then turned to the engine pylons. Anigrand supplies different shaped pylons for inboard and outboard. After looking at the Revell 1/144 kit it seems the inboard and outboard pylons should be identical. The top pylon is an unmodified Inboard pylon, the hatched areas are to be removed to correct the shape. The middle pylon is the unmodified outboard item and finally the lower is the modified lower pylon. As you can see I added material to the top as it is fairly flat on the actual aircraft and not sloped as Anigrand portrays it. I also extended it aft as it was too short. So the engine intake needs cleaning up and some more shaping and the other 3 pylons need modification.While I am at that I will tinker with other areas such as the rear cargo hold ..and figure out how the cockpit windscreen and roof will be rectified.
  8. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 Anigrand C-17A Globemaster - work continues

    18 months between updates is not bad, though I have actually done some tweaking since the last update So it's time to spend time on this build again with renewed enthusiasm. I had issues with the nose and puttied areas cracking so off it came and a new nose fashioned with Milliput. The shape still needs refining. I was not happy with the cockpit windscreen pillars so they have come out along with the clear panels and they will be repositioned. Finally, I got around to replicating the support structure and ribbing in the starboard main gear sponson. This is now getting some reinforcing work to the gear support tabs so it does not collapse under the kit weight 😄. I also reshaped the sponson front sections to make them more true to the prototype. A lot of the Aaingrand shapes are oversimplified, then again it looks like they just copied the old Combat Models kit so why go to any effort to make it look right? Manufacture of the ribs that will support the gear leg support arms and the white metal gear parts glued together Tail unit components with flight control surfaces removed, which will be repositioned in power off positions and rescribed. I have started scribing the details on these now using the Revell 1/144 kit parts for reference. /url], on Flickr C-17 with reference Revell 1/144 kit and C-130J-30 conversion that I am also dabbling with at the moment The starboard sponson now has new detail and I could not resist a gear test fit. I did find that some legs are now going to be straight so I am replacing the mounting plate and making it larger so I can reposition the mounting holes to square up all the gear legs, three down, one to go. More to follow ( and hopefully another 18 months won't pass.
  9. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 scale C-130E Rivet Clamp Special Operations Aircraft

    1/72 C-17, the very poor Anigrand kit, I have reworked the cockpit nos shape 3 or 4 times now.
  10. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 scale C-130E Rivet Clamp Special Operations Aircraft

    Thanks Russ, I have a project in mind to give this ago.... when I get the windscreen pillars back in that is...
  11. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 scale C-130E Rivet Clamp Special Operations Aircraft

    Interesting, I had not thought about using cling wrap. So to get this right you just stretch the wrap over the openings in the plastic? I can see the cheek windows worked well, did you cut all the facets out of the windscreen and then wrap over them?
  12. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 scale C-130E Rivet Clamp Special Operations Aircraft

    Nice work Russ, great to see all that interior detail is displayable!
  13. Trojan Thunder

    Wolfpak Decals Spring Release

    Looks like I have to finalise my order soon, Love those B-52s!
  14. Trojan Thunder

    1/72 scale C-130E Rivet Clamp Special Operations Aircraft

    Nice to see this one close to the finish line Russ, nice one!
  15. Trojan Thunder

    Australian Avalon Airshow 2019

    Thanks for sharing, of all the sets of images I have seen on forums and Facebook, yours was the first to show off the Malaysian helo on static display.
  16. Trojan Thunder

    What I plan on building, That aint real GB

    Gary, BC-17 was the designator Boeing used when it tried to market the C-17 as a civil freighter, which garnered no sales. So in my case, it will be in some sort of airliner freighter colours like this but with twin engines:
  17. Trojan Thunder

    Any 1/144 USAF C-9A Nightingale Decals?

    Don, Liveries Unlimited released a USAF C-9A sheet in the late 90s. It has been long OOP It was this scheme: Found a Scalemates entry for it under Douglas C-9C I have this sheet in the stash
  18. Trojan Thunder

    Rules, That ain't real GB

    OK, well according to those rulez then they are too far along.
  19. Trojan Thunder

    What I plan on building, That aint real GB

    I have a few options, though started, L100 Hercules (twin engine) with updates Boeing 777-400 BC-17R Lockheed P-7C Aurora If stared builds are allowed then I will start a thread ( or 2) It looks like they are too far along, so they will be finished in their own time elsewhere.
  20. Trojan Thunder

    Rules, That ain't real GB

    Are started 'ain't real' builds allowed. I have a few in various stages that would fit the bill nicely!
  21. Trojan Thunder

    707-27 - 707 and 727 mashup

    Great idea Kurt, following
  22. Trojan Thunder

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    Very nice!
  23. Trojan Thunder

    With the BPK and Amodel CL-600 - 605 kits available

    RAAF markings would be nice, very basic cheatline, tail flash, serials and roundels
  24. Trojan Thunder

    CD48135 Hornets over Australia

    Being finalised according to this post
  25. Trojan Thunder

    Revell 777-300ER into 777F

    German, The only changes you will have to make to make the Revell kit to make the 777-200F is to shorten the fuselage and fill the cabin windows. Engines on the 777F are GE90-110B1L and those in the kit are GE90-115B, these engines have the same external dimensions according to WIki. Good luck with the chop!