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  1. Indeed, they have been hanging around the bench for a while, both started before the AC-130H I recently finished, with a possible other one to be started (Italeri , updated to a C-130H), or maybe 2!
  2. Nice work Sean, coming along really nicely
  3. You might want to re check on the Attack Squadron/Brengun set. It does not include blades, just hubs. You need to use theh kit blades with the replacement engine/hub. @fasteagle12, if you are updating an Esci kit then you need to replace the engine nacelles as well. I did on mine (AMT AC-130 in fact) And you need the replacement right hand sponson and forward ECS intakes as well
  4. The T-56s fitted to early C-130As had a shorted nacelle which is provided in the Italeri kit. The nacelle was lengthen from the C-130B onwards C-130A: note position of prop warning strip just touching the sponson C-130E: Prop warning strip further forward
  5. Looks great! Thanks for sharing RR!
  6. Very nice, the weathering looks excellent Eric
  7. I just finished this 1/72 Lockheed AC-130H Spectre from the AMT kit, mostly OOB except for sanding windscreen panels down (and polishing of course), added Desert Storm era antennas and filed the nose down to give it a more pinched look. I alsop have a AC-130U to build in a more up to date scheme and config one day.
  8. Revell Dornier 228 with lots of mods, I actually started with a -100 kit which I extended
  9. I have a couple of the Flightpath sets, I will pop one in the mail to you. Don't know how long it will take in the current climate.
  10. Not sure that the Hasegawa P-3 kit has limited availability. It is repopped every year or so with either generic USN VP-40 Marlins and CP-140 schemes or a JASDF option. Just google Hasegawa P-3C and you will get plenty of seller hits.
  11. When it comes to stencilling the colours have varied over time, ist this sheet just hi vis schemes? What you get in the Hasgawa box for walkways colour wise is off in later releases IMHO. It would be good to see a low vis stencil and walkway sheet as well
  12. Lovely work Jonah, nice to see some of these KC-135s built.
  13. He is most likely referring to this build I built the same about 35 years ago as well, he did a nice job onit.
  14. Perhaps you should post this in the Classifieds Section of the forum? Buy and Sell
  15. Read a series of books from Aussie writer John Birmingham starting with 'Weapons of Choice', World War 2.1, where a whole futuristic multi national carrier battle group is taken back to 1942 after an experiment goes wrong on a research ship in the group. There is some futuristic tech like Sea Raptors, metal storm and laser defence systems involved as well as a Marine Amphibious group involved, ie Harriers and Abrams tanks. A good read. The next 2 books go into life after the arrival and accelerated tech transfer and development and how WWII changed ( the other side also managed to get their hands on the future tech as well when not all the ships ended up in the same place).
  16. Nicely done, weather looks nice.
  17. Looks great Brother Dutch! I am tempted to pick one of these up now.
  18. Looking rather nice Euge, the deflected surface is a nice touch
  19. Very nice, excellent paint, weathering and use of accessories
  20. Thanks everyone, HAJO the A400 is a 'tad' bigger than the C-130 I decided to break out my C-17 to compare it as well, I had forgotten how far along I was with it, I am hung up on the windscreen at the moment, but I realised I could be carrying on with other parts like the wings and engines.
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