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  1. The FAA subject matter is quite obscure @Dutch, not sure if many would be interested.
  2. What scale are you talking Mark? 1/72?
  3. So Si, are you keeping count of how many slivers of plastic you are attaching tot he model? I think you have mentioned before, but are you making the resin parts yourself?
  4. Thanks guys, not one of my best. Had issues with glue on the windscreen. Glad to have it off the bench.
  5. FS15123 is the gloss version of the colour you are looking for, no match but a colour swatch here which may help you track down a close colour.
  6. Cheers Andy, I must have skimmed over that part when admiring all those great pictures!
  7. Love a nice Sea King build Andy. nicely done, where did you source the decals for this build?
  8. Mark, I have a few of their newer kits and while they will never be Tamiya , etc quality, I think they are getting better. You still need to clean up parts, there seems to be less flash. Some of the later kits I have include the Argosy, Comet, Learjet and Squirrel Helo
  9. Here is a just completed Harrier. I started with a Revell boxing of the Hasegawa Harrier GR7 and decided to build it as a USMC machine form VMA-214. Of course there are a few differences between the two marks, I tried to replicate most of them. I part of an Eduard etch set in the cockpit, a Pavla ejection seat and exhausts and speed break form Quickboost. Decals are from a Wolfpak sheet.
  10. The F-111G (RAAF Markings) kit is due in September this year.
  11. 18 -22" gives you a 1/72 B737- 200 or 300 fuselage, you are looking at a 2 - 3" diameter in that scale. For a new 1/72 737-200 from PK (full kit) your are looking in $100 ball park.
  12. Do you have a circle cutter. I'd be figuring out the diameter of the top curve, cut a circular mask that size apply the circle and then down stairs you could do similar, looks like a similar diameter circle to me Conversely you could lay tape over that entire area and pencil the fillets in, using images/profiles as reference. Remove the section of pencilled tape and cut away the unneeded extras. With this way you could flip the design and transpose it to tape to do the other side. You have me intrigued, I have all the gear to also do a BA KC-130F and I am tempted to have a go.
  13. Yes, Love the B-47s. I must get an order sorted out!
  14. Looking good Derek, with it wheels up are you planing on putting it on a stand?
  15. Very nice, looks great with the 'green' motive power packs.
  16. Old Models in NZ do a variety of A-4K sheets 70s- 85 SEA Scheme 85 - Current Wrap around and all over green
  17. Nice to see some progress, I must start my CP-140 soon. I always thought the blades were a natural aluminium and the inner section was a slightly different finish due to a manufacturing process. I have always painted Orion props some sort of aulminium/metalic finish. Thought your pictures do show they match the underside grey.
  18. Another quality build from the Thommo workshops! Was great to follow this build mate.
  19. Nice work on the bomb bay Derek.
  20. Same here, I used to watch them do there trade here while on the flightline as a young RAAF avionics tech. Also flew in them a couple of times. One day I will get around to building my KMC kit attempting to correct its faults.
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