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  1. I just finished the construction stage of mine. I agree that the instructions are fairly vague, but overall I have been impressed with the fit. I went straight for the gear up option, and like that they included separate gear doors for an in-flight option, so i can't comment on the gear being weak. My biggest issue was with the engine pod system. That many pieces without a sturdy locating system was a recipe for misalignment. Mine required some sanding and filing to smooth out. All in all, I was more impressed than I was expecting to be. It's not a top tier kit by any stretch, but I did enjoy
  2. This was on kinetics Instagram account today. No real clue as to what it will be, so maybe your av-8b. If the need for speed line is a clue, however, I'm hoping for a new A-4 series. The hasegawa kits are good, but there is room for improvement. Also, the early model B and C are very difficult to come by. I really doubt they would do a new f-14 or f-18 with an the recent new releases of those
  3. I was really looking forward to their new SU-25's they had coming. I'm hopeful someone will continue that project
  4. I don't know about 1/48, but it would be nice to get a new one. Freedom models announced a 1/32 T-34C years ago. They even had the box art ready. I messaged them last week about it and it sounds like it is dead. It would have been a nice model in 1/32.
  5. Thank you for your post. Yes, I did do black basing on this model. As for paints, I used AK real colors for the main aircraft colors- light gull gray and insignia white. The metallic areas were mainly AK extreme metals with some Alclad mixed in.
  6. thank you both for your comments. They are very appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the comments Thadeus. Actually, the engine exhausts are from the kit. Tamiya did a very nice job of designing a multiple piece exhaust that allows for nice detail on both the interior and exterior sides, all without any noticeable seams to try to clean up.
  8. Thanks for the comment Misha. For the clear coat I used Alclad lacquer semi matt. I typically have used a flat coat at the end, but didn't have any. I kind of like the semi matt for some planes and will use it again in the future
  9. Thank you both, I appreciate the comments!
  10. I just finished Tamiya's new F-4B. Without repeating what has already been said about it, I can say that this was the most enjoyable build I've done in a long time due to the quality and engineering. Great job to Tamiya and their designers. The kit was built using a couple of Cutting Edge ejection seats, TER's from the Hasegawa weapons set, squadron decals from Bulls Eye and stencil decals from AoA. I want to also give credit to both Bulls Eye and AoA. Their decals were both awesome to use.
  11. No, just the tip with the antenna. Flying Leatherneck has released two new plug in tips with different configurations though to cover the different options
  12. I'm building Tamiya's new F-4B and have two questions for those that know more about the Phantom: - Some pictures show the engine air intake lips as metallic, some are painted over. Is there any rule of thumb for this? Pictures of aircraft from the same squadron seem to show a mix of metal and painted. I'm not sure if it is a change from metallic early on to painted over later, or if it is a variation in different models. - Is there any significance between the radome's that are painted white and the those painted black? Thanks for the help
  13. I have the kit as well, but haven't built it or really like into aftermarket stuff yet.
  14. I do have the sheet and will not need that scheme. I can send it to you later this week when I get home. Send me a message with your address and I will get them in the mail for you.
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